Portable Autoclave Manufacturer

Bio Gene Portable Autoclave are one of the best Solution for sterilization whether Dental Ware sterilization or operation theatre instruments are concerned , We use saturated steam high pressure at 121ºC to make penetration and deactivate bacteria, Viruses Fungi, Bio Gene’s dedicated Microprocessor with complete Autoclave Cycles makes the Autoclave a best friend in Dental and Tattoo or operation theatre.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Incomparably Safe, Reliable, Easy to Use, Portable, Durable & Cost-Effective too. 
  • Seamless construction ensures bacteria free environment. The unit is fitted with pressure guage, safety valve (weighted) pressure release valve & rubber gasket for seamless/leak proof fitting.
  • Electric/Non electric.
  • For Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dentists, Surgeons, Camps, Pathology Labs, Laboratories, Naturopaths and anywhere you need complete sterilization. 


  • Anti-bulging & fuel saver base for extra strength, fuel & time saving, anti-bulging lid for additional strength. 
  • ISI marked gasket made of food grade synthetic rubber for longer & better performance and hygiene. 
  • More than 40 different Models, Widest Range of Sizes to match different requirements. 
  • Available in Non-Electric, Electric and Semi-Automatic too. 
  • Handles & valve knobs made of very durable, heat resistant & fine quality bakelite t o avoid breakage. 
  • Fusible plug type safety valve and gasket release system (grs) for triple safety. 
  • Color-coded pressure gauge to indicate safe and danger zones. 
  • Weight type safety valve & pressure regulating device for better safety and reliability. 
  • Vacuum release & steam release valves made of stainless steel to avoid breakage & stitle deposits.
  • High quality 3-pin plug and element connector (plug) for better safety & easier extensibility of the cord. 
  • International quality timer (in semi-automatic model) for reliable performance & t o avoid accidents. 
  • Inner tripod stand made of stainless steel with extra height to avoid water entering into dressing drums. 
  • ISI marked heating element made of heavy pipe with better quality chrome plating for longer life, fitted with specially designed silicon rubber washer to protect from leakage around the element. 
  • Specially designed rubber cable (in semi-automatic autoclaves) capable of comfortably bearing the heating load. Special rubber material used to make it water, heat, wear & tear and electrical fault resistant. 
  • Well designed, powder coated outer stand for better stability & attractive looks.
Model BTI-PA-22 BTI-PA-40 BTI-PA-50
Technical Matrix For Lab
Temperature range 115ºC-121ºC
Basket 1
Temperature Sensor PT 100
WORKING PRESSURE 15 to 22 p.s.i
Temperature Controller Microprocessor Based Programmable Controller
Heat Load 2 KW/ 2KW/ 3KW
Nominal Voltage 220-230 Volts, 50Hz Single Phase
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU