Orbital Incubator Shaker

Bio Gene Orbital Incubator Shaker comes in operation when the demand to experiment the manipulation of micro organism speed up the production, cultivate and regulate the human friendly micro organism is in demand in medical, food or generation of complex proteins is sought. The precise temperature controls with flexibility introduce gases; LUX for small or large assay is demanded.  Growth of media culture or enzyme cell tissue production. Bio Gene menu driven operator friendly software programs enhances the capability to get desired results.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification

Bio-Gene ORBITAL INCUBATOR SHAKER is widely used in Research Centers, Major Universities, Pharma, Biotech, Medical research, Hospital, Diagnostics, Agriculture Science, Pharmacology, Immunology, Genetics, Bioengineering Biotechnology, Microbiology, Botany, and Zoology etc.

  • Versatile usage
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • CFC free cooling*
  • Long life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Calibration And Protocol
  • Documentation
  • Shaking Speed

Special Features
Machine Stops

  • Door open 
  • Programmed End 
  • Shaker Time program end Both 


  • Programe End 
  • Heating Cycle 
  • Cooling Cycle
  • Shaking Cycle 


  • Microprocessor Based Programmable controls
  • Temperature: Ambient +5˚C to 70˚C.
  • Time :- 0-99/999 Min
  • Door Lock :- lockable
  • Blower speed : ON/OFF
  • Alarm : Temperature Timer
  • Illumination : ON/OFF
  • Sterilization : Cycle
  • Process: Start. End
  • Castor :- Lockable
  • Air : Class 100
  • EN: 60601 : 1
  • EMD : 93/42/EEC


  • The unit has double wall construction with inner working chamber made of 304 grade stainless steel sheet.
  • Microprocessor controlled orbital shaker with precise setting of agitation speed, running time & temperature.
  • Timer 0.1 hr to 99.9 hrs.
  • Display: Digital LCD/LED screen. Large, clearly visible LED/LCD character display presents a menu of function/status readouts including speed, running time, self-diagnostic
  • Indicators & temperature. 
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Circuit and fitted with Audible & Visible alarms.
  • Interchangeable platforms, flask clamps & test tube racks.
  • PUF insulation to Minimize temperature losses. With environment friendly unit, ideal for all general laboratory incubation which required temperature range RT + 50 to 700C. 
  • DOOR :- Double walled construction with PUF insulation & large glass observation window permits easy viewing & monitoring. Inner Single door with full acrylic/glass, door operation manual.
  • SILENT FAN MOTOR EBM PLAST  Air flow vial silent fan motor
  • CASTOR WHEEL The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility with Locks.
  • Auto power cutoff at higher or low temperature. 
  • Auto-start on resumption of power failure.
  • Sensor: Sensors that limit speed when shaker is unbalanced, stops shaker when Shaker is unbalanced, stops shaker when excess Vibration is detected system that limits damage to cells and the wetting of flask closures.
  • Heating:
  • Indirect heating system is provided in our units, comprising of Stainless steel sheathed air heaters of suitable wattage. 
  • Input Voltage: 230V, 50Hz. A.C. Supply
  • Motor: D.C. motor with accurate speed control and low noise level
  • Platform: Stainless Steel 304 grade with Lotus clamps with holding Devices.


 Model - BTI  OIS/3535 OIS/4545   OIS/5050
 Temperature Range  RT +5ºC  to 70ºC ±0.1ºC
 Temperature accuracy  0.1°C at 37°C
 Tray  2 No
 Inner Chamber  Stainless Steel grade (304)
 Outer Chamber  CRCA Steel with Powder Coated
 Shaker Speed  20 –250/ 350/500 RPM ±1rpm
 Optional  Double Color Gate Top & Panel on request
 Orbital Motion  Eccentric Three pin 32mm
 Motor  PWM Motor
 Digital Setting  0.1°C
 Digital Resolution  0.1°C
 Stability  0.1°C
 Uniformity  ±1°C
 Safety Function  Temp. Overshoot High & Low Temp. Alarm
 Interior  Polish S.S. 304 grade Sheet
 Insulation  PUF
 Front Door Double wall S.S. with Glass Windows for is easy for observation. When the glass door opens, air Circulation and heating system will automatically stop, which ensures no disadvantage of Convection. Forced convection,
 Duty Cycle  Continuous
 Flask Universal holding with either all combination or individual capacity  Flasks as mentioned in. 250 ml x 10/24/36/48 clamps
500ml  x 06/12/18/24 clamps
1 ltr  x 04/08/16 clamps
2 ltr  x 04/08/16 clamps
5 ltr  x 02/04/06 clamps
test tube racks
 Platform Size  350 x 350mm  450 x 450mm  500 x 500mm
 Noise  Noise Level:<65db
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU