Muffle Furnace 1200C

Bio Gene Offers front loading state of Muffle Furnace which is capable for quick Temperature Rise & Uniform Heating art are used in Test of Material Characterization Melting, Annealing, Gravimetric analysis, Sintering, Quantitative analysis, Glass preparation Coal analysis. Bio Gene Muffle Furnace Comes with built in Microprocessor based Temperature controller with options for Printer Online Interface and many application based accessories.

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BIO GENE MUFFLE FURNACE are widely used in

  • Electronic Industry for Delicate Parts
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Dental Office & Laboratories
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Jewelry Industry for intricate parts
  • Auto Industry for Rugged parts
  • Engineering Industries
  • Research Centers
  • Universities
  • Heat treating
  • Single door made of brick work and cementing fitted in with single hole at Center
  • For models of higher temperature the maximum temp. 1200ºC and working temp. 1150ºC. 
  • Units with maximum working range upto 1150ºC are fitted with coil type heaters embedded in grooved refractory for supporting the heating elements on four sides.
  • Maximum energy efficiency is achieved by surrounding the chamber with thermal-efficient alumina fiber ceramic Insulation.
  • Built in over temperature alarms for safety.
  • Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan.  Lower temperature in outside case.
  • Bio Gene Muffle furnace provision for the furnace may be operated by PC with a control.
  • INSULATION: - high quality ceramic fiber blankets.
  • Non rust textured steel casing
  • WATER COOLING :- Efficient water cooling provide at the end fittings of the furnace tube to protect the ‘O’ rings.
  • PROGRAMMER CONTROLLER :- A digital programmable controller is capable of storing programs each having at least 8 segments. The temperature controller accuracy of ±1ºC.
  • VACUUM PUMP:- A suitable vacuum pump integrated to the furnace provide.
  • Additional heating element :- 4nos
  • Additional thermo couple (R-type_ :- 1nos.
  • Microprocessor Based Programmable controls
  • Time :- 0-99/999 Min
  • Door Lock :- lockable
  • Alarm : Temperature Timer
  • Process: Start. End
  • EN: 60601 : 1
  • EMD : 93/42/EEC

Temperature control unit can be separated from furnace, and make moving at easy.

PID Control via current limiting phase angle fired the resistor, E.G. SCR (Silicon Controlled rectifier) Eurothem or equivalent with minimum 8 segment (ramp + dwell). 

Bio Gene Muffle furnace is double walled construction Inner chamber is made of Ceramic pot. 

Bio Gene Muffle furnace is constructed out of Mild Steel sheet. With cooling  fan observation window. Temperature controlled by energy regulator with indicator And Two temperature probes.

The gap between the walls is filled high-grade CERAMIC INSTULATION, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency in our Bio Gene Furnace.

Fitted on both sides for uniform heating. 

0.5” Diameter observation window made of quartz glass allow user to see insider chamber during heating operation.

Thermocouple installed for immediate use along with silent solid state power control relays.


Model BTI MF/1200 MF/900
Standard Maximum Temperature 1200ºC (continuous) 900ºC (continuous)
Maximum Working Temperature 1150ºC (< 3 hrs) 1000ºC (< 3 hrs)
Temperature Control 30 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating Rate 0~15ºC/ min (suggestion: <10ºC)
Temperature Accuracy  +/- 1ºC
Heating Element Sick heating elements
Temperature Stability ±0.5ºC at 1000ºC
Temperature Uniformity ±2ºC at 1000ºC
Working Voltage AC 220V Single Phase 60/50 Hz
Max. Power 5 KW
Net Weight 140 Kg
Size 125 x 125 x 275 mm, 200 x 200 x 300 mm, 300 x 300 x 600 mm
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU