Tube Furnace 1200C

Bio Gene leading manufacturer and exporter of laboratory Tube Furnaces and equipment our products are widely used in research centers and major universities. All these products are durable as well as precise and also cost effective. Our wide range includes

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Calcination
  • Metallurgy
  • Sintering
  • Tempering
  • Fusion
  • Coating Test Bonding
  • Fe Cr Al Resistance Heaters
  • 30 steps program
  • PID controls
  • fast Heating
  • Wide Range of Size
  • Application based Accessories.
  • Microprocessor based digital control
  • Temperature
  • 30 steps programmable
  • ISO, CE, EN
  • The Tube Furnace has larger chamber ( 2.5"dx12"H) and it is designed for sintering ceramic parts and frequent material analysis in Lab. 
  • The Tube Furnace has a unique ceramic fiber insulation around the chamber to provide excellent uniformity and energy efficiency.
  • The heating element is embedded in the insulation for maximum heat transfer to the chamber.  Max. temperature can go 1200ºC
  • The convenient, top-loading chamber includes an insulated plug and handle for safe removal.
  • Built in single set point temperature controller is easy to operate. Just set up desired temperature and time, then push button to go.
  • Four wheels installed in bottom of furnace and easy to mobile
Inside Chamber Size Dia 60x300mm(diameter2.5" x 12")
Standard Working Temperature 1100ºC (continuous)
Maximum Working Temperature 1200ºC (< 3 hrs)
Temperature Control 30 steps programmable and PID automatic control
Heating Rate 0~10ºC / min (suggestion: =< 10ºC)
Temperature Accuracy ± 1ºC
Heating Element Fe-Cr-Al resistance wire
Working Voltage AC 220V Single Phase 60/50 Hz (or according to your requirement)
Max. Power 2 KW
Net Weight 70 Kg
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU