TRI GAS CO2 Incubator

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Bio Engineering
  • Cell couture 
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities.
  • Growth of Organism.
  • Research Centers.
  • Universities.
  • High heat decontamination system with temperature of 180°C during sterilization and the sterilization operate without removing HEPA filter and sensors.
  • Equipped with USB port and LCD touch screen, the incubator can save data in real time.
  • High quality infrared sensor for accurate CO2 concentration.
  • The working chamber adopts round angle structure, easy to clean.
  • High quality CO2 gas filter ensures the inside air quality.
  • Humidity generated in chamber helps in better controls.
  • 3 Push-pull shelves with holes ensures better temperature uniformity with inner glass door.
  • Microcomputer controller, LCD displays temperature, CO2 concentration, run-time and timing.
  • Three Liters water reservoir in the bottom chamber ensures high humidity.
  • Inner Chamber: Electro polished stainless steel.
  • Exterior Chamber: 18 gauge, (1mm),cold-rolled steel, powder coated.
  • 5 height adjustable perforated shelves & humidity reservoir (removable) to achieve 95% RH.
  • IR CO2 sensor with programmable auto-zero function providing superior accuracy and stability with CO2 control range from 0.2 to 20% with Accuracy ±0.1% and stability ±0.2% with auto calibration of CO2 levels.
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature ranging from 0°C above ambient to 80°C, with control accuracy of ±0.1°C with six-sided direct heating with fan less, gentle convection circulation to provide stable temperature control, uniformity and rapid recovery with no over shoot.
  • Audio and visible alarm for both temperature and CO2 level.
  • LCD display and touch screen with Password Protection to ensure the integrity of all programmable system settings and display temperature, CO2 Level, O2 level & RH.
  • CO2 inlet HAS HEPA filter.
  • Variable partial pressure of oxygen , extra inlet for other gas.
  • RS-232 communication port & 25 mm access port.
  • Non-volatile memory based 72 hour data logger to record parameters such as CO2/O2 gas concentration, temperature changes, door opening.
  • O2 Range: 0-20%, O2 Accuracy: ±0.2%
 MODEL NO. BTI-CO2-80 BTI-CO2-170 BTI-CO2-180
 Capacity 80 Litres 160 Litres 180 Litres
 Heating  Air jacket
 Temperature Range  Temp. Range 3℃ above ambient to 55℃
 Temperature accuracy  + 0.4ºC or lower at 37ºC.
 Control Type  Temperature and humidity
 Temp. Fluctuation  ≤±0.2℃(at 37℃)
 Temp. Uniformity  ≤±0.3 ℃(at 37℃)
 Temperature disinfection  180 ºC for 2 hours.
 Time Setting  999h or continuous
 Alarm  Audible and visual alarm; Over- alarm; CO2 Concentration
 Shelves  3/ 4 pcs adjustable Tray
 Material  External cold-rolled steel with Internal stainless steel
 Door  With inner door and external door
 Inner door  1 / 4 inner glass doors
 Outer Door  Solid door
 Display  Touch Screen
 Heating Element  Six-sided direct heating Element
 Co2 Range  Infrared sensor, range 0~20%
 Co2 control Resolution  0.1%
 Humidification Type  Water reservoir in the bottom ensures high humidity (95%≤relative humidity≤99%)
 Ambient Temp. & Humidity  18~30℃, suggest 25±2℃; humidity ≤80%
 Caster  Foot master caster (Optional) extra cost)
 Gas tubing inner diameter  6.5 mm
 Gas tubing Outer diameter  10mm
 Input Gas Pressure  0.1 MPa (1 bar, 14.4 psi)
 Operational Gas pressure range  0.05 -0.15 MPa (0.5 – 1.5 bar, 7.2 -21.8 psi). (optional)
 CO2 inlet & pressure  1/8” hose (barbed), 12-15 PSI
 CO2 measurement accuracy  + 0.3%
 O2 control system   Microprocessor Based PID Controller
 O2 Sensor  Galvanic Cell Type / Platinum coated zirconium oxide (ZrO2).
 O2 Range  0.1-20%
 O2 measurement accuracy  ± 0.25%
 O2 Stability  ±0.1%
 N2 Cylinder  On Demand
 Access ports  02 Nos
 Consumption   650/750W
 Power Supply  AC220-230V±10%, 50/60Hz
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU