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Biotechnologies Inc. European quality award winner, manufacturers of laboratory equipment, scientific equipment and research equipment is a leading exporter of laboratory equipment, scientific equipment and laboratory equipment around the globe. Bio Gene lab equipment, scientific equipment and laboratory equiment have credited with CE.
Test Chamber
Test Chamber

Bio-Gene introduce the innovated new technology ultrasonic humidifier system provides fast and accurate humidity re-productivity SS-304 inner chambers outer made of MS power coated.

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Water Testing Equipment's

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Mixing and Grinding Equipment's

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Lab Fermenter Manufacturer

Biotechnologies Inc is one of popular manufacturer, exporter & supplier in Fermenter production - Bio-Ferm Glass Fermenter, Bio-Ferm Insitu Fermenter all around the world.

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Autoclave Manufacturer

Autoclaves cylindrical, Horizontal autoclaves sterilizers command respect due to the capabilities to produce sterile product under the FDA WHO directives. Horizontal Rectangular Autoclave or Horizontal cylindrical autoclave Sterilizer are  multi port valve operated Industrial research,Hospital medical waste autoclaves sterilizers which have dedicated cycle controlled through Human Machine Interface with PLC, hinged door ,sliding doors arrangements or radial locking mechanism adds freedom to operate with ease.

Rectangular and cylindrical horizontal autoclave are high vacuum high-pressure cycles deactivate virus, bacteria, micro organisms, spores much faster due to the dedicated sterilization cycles specially designed for horizontal rectangular autoclave and sterlization.

Bio Gene also provides Vertical cylindrical Autoclaves,Retort Autoclaves with coolin

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Growth Chamber
Growth Chambers

BioGene Growth Chambers are the showcase of engineering capabilities to precisely signal The GAP detection with thermal interference and the spectrum composition of photon energy with humidity, modulating conducively to implant foreign Genes in Plant Growth Chambers or grow seeds and tissues or Insect in Growth Chambers for the entomology.
Multitasking Growth chambers with wide Spectrum of applications including stability, humidity harmonisation under the ICH guidelines for Aeronautics, space, defence research, auto mobile engineering agriculture etc.
Price worthy and satisfied repeat users adds confidence to Biogene Growth Chambers.

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Walk In Chamber Manufacturer
Walk In Chamber

BioGene Walk in Cold Room, Cold Storage, Freezer, Blast Freezer, Deep Freezer�s are the most demanded product from Bio Gene range they are manufactured per users demand. pharma, medicine, fine chemical, food, the use and application is ever growing.

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Biotechnology Equipment
Biotechnology Equipments

Biotechnologies Inc leads the biotechnology equipment industry in the design and production of top-quality equipments

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