Gene Gun provides a completely new technique for shooting genetic material and other substances into cells, tissues and organ cells by high-velocity micro-projectiles. And it is the latest gene-transferred technology. Driven by the pressure of compressed gas (He or N2 etc.), the Gene Gun generates a cold gas shock wave into the bombardment chamber. This Gene Gun is suitable for a wide variety of cell the genetic material transfer efficient, stable and transient. The Bio Gene Gun is a special mechanism by which it generates a gas shock wave and involves different rupture membrane at a certain pressure, ranging from 0.5Mpa to 5Mpa.

Bio Gene hand held Gene Gun has intense application The gene-transformer of small animals, cultured cells, bacteria, embryos, plants and microorganisms. The gun featuring ease of use safety and high efficiency has made Bio Gene a product in demand  by genetic researching institute and neuroscience researching centers. world wide

Bio Gene is one of the only two manufacturers in the world for Gene Gun System.  We supply desk-top and hand-held gene gun system to our Domestic World Wide customers for over ten years. Bio Gene Gun are used in   many top laboratories for research purpose & Gene Transformation research with impressive results. Many of  these have been published in the professional magazines home and abroad. Using our Gene Gun.

  • PRESSURE: 0.5 mpa – 5.0 mpa
  • COVER AREA – 16 MM
  • VACUUM- 26” hg

Material: Rice callus, PCAMBIA2301 (11621bp, CaMV35S and GUS).

Bio Gene Gun is manufactured after years of research work the powerful hand held generated a pressure  of  0.5-5.0 mpa the Gene Gun is designed to cover large target of area of diameter16.0mm target diameter of 90.0 mm vacuum of 26”Hg. GAS used  HELIUM Light weight

I. Hyper osmotic rice callus 4 hours before bombardment
II. Bio Gene BTI-GG-1001 bombardment setting: Helium pressure 7.0Mpa, Target distance 60mm, Vacuum -0.095Mpa
III. Bio-Gene BTI- GG-1000/He bombardment setting: Pressure 1100psi, Target distance 90mm, Vacuum -26inHg


I. GUS examination shows that:
Transient expression rate by Bio Gene BTI-GJ-1000 : 45%
Transient expression rate by Bio-Gene GG-1001
See Figure 1
II. Section of frozen tissue shows that: 
The Particle is delivered into similar cellular layer after bombardment.
See Figure 2

Pressure range: 0.5-5 Mpa
The max target area: 2 cm
The diameter of the largest target: Φ 16mm 
Voltage: 9V (DC)
Gas source: Helium
N/W(KG):19 G/W:22
Packing size: 54 x 37 x 23cm  99 x 27 x 26cm