PCR Machine 173G

PCR Machine 173G Polymerase, when  Specific DNA fragment are to be Amplified and Single or multiple copies are to be produced with desired Temperature Ramp and soak Gradient, BioGene PCR machines prove to be the correct solution due to its touch screen controls and heated Lids.

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Polymerase chain Reaction is widely used in Hospitals research center, Research Centers, University. As PCR progresses the DNA thus generated is self used as template for replication. with PCR it is possible to amplify a single or few copies of a specific DNA fragment across several order of magnitude, generating millins copies of the DNA fragments.

BIO GENE PCR optimizes polymerase reactions with steep accuracy with gradient and column uniformity less than 0.3 deg C and temperature from 30 to 99.9 deg C.

BIO GENE Laboratory PCR are capable to increase and decrease temperature from 0.1 deg C to 10 deg C coupled with time cycle of 1 to 60sec.

  • Microprocessor Programmable controls
  • Temperature: 0 to 99.9 C.
  • Door Lock :- lockable
  • Blower speed : Uniform enable disable
  • Alarm : High, low
  • Process : Start . End
  • Auto : Temperature & time cycle
  • EN: 60601 : 1
  • EMD : 93/42/EEC
  • EN 61000-6-1 : 2001
  • EN 61000-6-3 : 2001
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89)/336/EEC)

Bio Gene Gradient Pcr Machine has touch screen display with Auto ramping and and heated lid to facilitated the polymerase change reaction with in the temperature rage for 45 to 110C. the dedicated software  for PCr applications enables easy use of Bio Gene Pcr.

Large Blue LCD Screen with slim tube and Pcr block of two different capacities also helps in Pcr function.

Bio Gene Usage pal tire based temperature control for fast ramping the lid is lockable vile in process non skid legs and the bottom helps in long duration the actions. 

Block Capacity 0.2mlx25wells + 48mlx16wells 
Block Temperature Range 0°C ~ 99.9°C
Block Heating Rate 3°C/s
Block Cooling Rate 2°C/s
Block Uniformity ≤ ± 0.3°C
Block Accuracy ≤ ± 0.3°C 
Mode of Temperature Control Sim-Tube & Block Mode
Ramping Rate Adjustable 0.1°C ~ 3°C
LCD Large-size Blue LCD 
Max. No. of storable programs 125 Typical Programs
Max. No. Of Cycle 99
File Named Yes
Temp. Increment/Decrement 0.1 ~ 10°C
Time Increment/Decrement 1 ~ 60s
Auto Restart Yes
Hold at 4°C Forever  
Auto Pause Yes
Running Time Display Yes
Hot Cover Temperature 105°C
Height of Cover Seamless Adjustable
Hot Cover Auto Shut-Off Yes
Dimension (LxWxH) 267x220x253mm 
Net Weight 6.8kg
Wide Power Supply Range 110V±10%, 220V±25%, 50/60Hz


Gradient Accuracy ≤ ± 0.3°C
Column Uniformity ≤ ± 0.3°C
Temp.Range for Gradient No 30°C -99.9°C
Temp. Differential Range No 1°C -30°C
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU