Bio Gene Asepsis Homogenizer Organ is Paddle Blender which used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable bags.

Bio Gene Asepsis Homogenizer Organ Homogenization is produced through a combination of Crushing and Stirring, bringing out seated Organisms from Tissues, Organs, Powders, Creams, Ointments, etc. and removing Organisms from Swabs, Tissue Biopsies, Filters, Fecal samples and more.

  • Automatice Stroke Controls
  • Rap Space Adjustment
  • Multistage Programming 
  • Sterlized Homogenization
  • Program Storage
  • Automatic Strikes against the Speed
  • Rap Seed control: 3-12 times/sec
  • Capacity: 3 -400 ml
  • Multistage programming: Establish any Parameter combination
  • Sterilized Homogenize Bag: 17X30 cm

Bio Gene Asepsis Homogenizer Organ is Paddle Blander where in the samples are subjected to High Pressure there by Crushing and Stirring of sample takes place which is carried out in the Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel.

The Asepsis Homogenizer Organ as Automatic Microprocessor Control to Regulate the Number of Strikes at Desired Force.  

Multiple Storage Programming can be carried out to set various sample side which is kept in sterilize back inbuilt timer 0.1- 99 min programmable is also available as standard feature in machine. 

The Machine Rugged table top which makes it convenient for the Experiment to be conduct.

  • Time: 0.1-99min (as 0.1min) as 6-5940s Actual strikes against the number of times to demonstrate that the system automatic control strikes against the speed, 
  • Rap space between: 0-5mm (can adjust)
  • Rap speed: 3-12 times/sec 
  • Capacity: 3-400ml
  • Rap trunk: stainless steel
  • Wattage: 300W
  • The parameter memory:10 group of multistage programming parameter preservation
  • Power: 220V/50HZ
  • N/W: 22.5KG G/W:25KGS
  • Dimension: 420*245*.340mm