Laboratory Homogenizer

Laboratory homogenizer can smash particles and oil drops in suspension into very small sizes under high pressure. While suspension flows through an adjustable flow restriction narrow gap, those particles and oil drops can be shattered into the desired emulsion or dispersion under the combined effects of explosion, shearing force, high-speed impact, and the expansion caused by the loss of pressure.

During this process, the particle size can be reduced. This process integrates the working principles of ultrasonic homogenizer, colloid mill and globe mill together

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Bio Gene Laboratory Homogenizer is Designed specially to reprocess coordinate fermentation sample.

Mainly used in the Bio-Engineering laboratory, Scale processing samples and so Pharmaceutical factory, widely uses in the backwoods the saccjaromycetes also used in Emulsifying, Isotropic.

The import key component assembly, has the pressure to be high, even if the volume is small, the ease of operation is observed.

  • Liquid and Solid
  • Homogenizing
  • High Pressure
  • Low Sample Volume 
  • Noise < 70 db
  • Programmable Ultrashonification
  • Pressure: 1500BAR
  • Noise: 70 db
  • Temperature: 140ºC
  • Programmable : Ultrasonic Frequency.

Bio Gene Laboratory High Pressure Homogenizer are manufactured out of thick Stainless Steel with high Frequency, Dispersion Due to explosion at 1.2 kw and 1500 BAR Homogenizing Power. Noise Proof Chamber and  Temperature Upto 140ºC are same of the key features of the Bio Gene Machine.

  • Voltage: 380V     50Hz AC
  • Capacity: 15L/H
  • The power of engine: 1.2KW
  • The most homogenize power: 1500bar
  • Noise grade :< =70db
  • The most sterilize temperature: 140ºC
  • The most viscosimeter: 2000 cP
  • Figure: 555×600×1200mm
  • Net weight: 85KG      


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU