Walk In Cold Room Chamber

BioGene Walk in Cold Room, Cold Storage, Freezer, Blast Freezer, Deep Freezer’s are the most demanded product from Bio Gene range they are manufactured per users demand. pharma, medicine, fine chemical, food, the use and application is ever growing.

BioGene walk in have quick Freeze, Bio Freeze with Blast Freeze function which are in understood from the fine nuances of each application and usage. Cost effective price, full featured machine is makes the difference between good and great value product Bio Gene walk in Take cares of your stores products.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Cold room: -2ºC - + 8ºC
  • Freezers   : -8ºC - - 20ºC
  • Deep freezing: -25ºC - + 40ºC
  • Industry, Military, Food, Florist, farming, Medicine, logistics, Hospitality, and Food processing.
  • Temperature range: -2ºC ~ + 8º
  • Size: Customized
  • Functions: Cold Storage, freezing, quick-freezing, Deep freezing.
  • Good performance, low noise high reliability
  • World renowned Refrigeration System.
  • High precision Digital Controller.
  • Adjustable indoor temperature 
  • Saves electricity up to 30%
  • Cold storage temperature: -2ºC ~ + 8ºC
  • Freezer storage temperature: -5ºC ~ - 18ºC
  • Quick-frozen storage temperature:  -40ºC ~ - 35ºC
  • Constant Temperature: On customers Demand
  • Condensing unit: Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop, Fusheng
  • Evaporator: air cooler.
  • Insulation Panel: PU, EPS
  • Other accessories: Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG
  • Prefabricated Panel with CAM locks
  • Large 7”/9” LCD Display
  • Touch Screen Controls 
  • Inner Stainless Steel or Polypropylene
  • Forced Air Circulation
  • French cooling unit
  • Large Door
  • Flexible Storage system
  • Safety Alarm 
  • Certification: UL,CE,ISO,BV for cold room
  • After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available
  • Business Type: Manufacturer for walk in freezer / cold room manufacturer
  • Management Certification:ISO9001:2008,SGS,BV
  • Application: Cold room’s ,Freezer, Chiller Room, Cold storage
  • Panel type: cold room PU sandwich panel or EPS sandwich panel

Walk in freezer / cold room manufacturer
Chiller room, cold  room, cooler room, Cold storage, Walk in freezer room, Cold room, cold  chiller room, cooling room:

Polyurethane insulation Sandwich Panel design for cold room, easy to operate.

Water defrosting evaporator defrost faster, save operating costs.
Cold storage door with anti-shock protection, an increase of reliability.

Turnkey projects.
(1) Temperature range: -40ºC~+20ºC (-60ºF~+68ºF)
(2) Size: Customize.
(3) Functions: fresh-keeping, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available.
(4) Fully automatic control system.
(5)Easy to install and dismantle
(6) Temperature Alarm
(7) Data Logger
(8)PLC electric control ( LG,SIMENS, OMRON..famous parts)
(9) Refrigerant:R22,R404

1 .Fabricated cold room; 
2.Energy saving design; 
3.R404a environment friendly refrigerant; 
4.Bitzer or Copeland ,Fusheng,Frashcold, Refcomp compressor

(1) Condensing unit: Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop, Fusheng,Frashcold
(2) Evaporator: KELTESS air-cooler.
(3) Insulation Panel: PU, EPS.
(4) Other accessories: world-famous brands, like Danfoss, Castle, Every Control, Siemens, LG,Schneider

1).Swing door sliding door.
2).Swing door: manual opened, automatic etc.
3).Door board made with special PU material.
4).Door Powder coated or stainless steel.
5).Surface material: color steel or stainless steel with protecting film.

Cold room insulation panel: use 100%polyurethane insulation panel, density about 38~46kg/m3,with gasket, with flame retardant, panel thickness:100mm~200mm, standard width of panel.


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU