The Quest to deliver High Technology walk in plant growth chamber has Led Bio Gene to bring forth efficient designed, Versatile function, operator friendly state of Art wide spectrum of walk in plant growth chamber Which are Construct from Prefabricated PUF Panel having world class locking with cam hinges device. BioGene walk in plant growth chamber are truly modular as they can be extended from any sides, even in space constraints our turkey project team installs the walk in plant growth chamber with easy.

Bio Gene
walk in plant growth chamber are Multi tasking Machines with Multiple Programmable function to stimulate the Humidity, Light Temperature patterns conducive for climatic condition usage and applications weather tundra Region,  desert or tropical climate is of usages. LED lights with Blue Green Violet Red Far Red having choice of LUX intensity can be set by timer to simulate day or night cycles are also features of Bio Gene walk in plant growth chamber

walk in plant growth chamber can also produced as single unit and transported around the Globe

  • Pharma Industries
  • Research Institute
  • Cosmetics
  • Fine chemicals 

Touch  screen HMI + Microprocessor

21 CFRI complaint software Programmable controller provides automatic operation of variable temperature, humidity and Lux , time Self diagnostic function for malfunction and warning signal.

Bio Gene

Walk in plant growth chamber Lighting intensity 7000 Lux each shelves bottom illuminated or side illumination possible. 

Safety and convenience, over temperature and current protection capability. Three levels password.

Compressor delay start protection trouble shooting with on board diagnostics

CFC Free Precise Hot Air & Humidity controls

Silent Hot Air Blower, Unique design of Air Circulation and Humidity circulation and improved Temperature / Humidity distribution and through microprocessor based controls Day Night Cyclic timer

Cyclic Control Timer

The illumination is controlled through solid state cyclic timer to control the photoperiodic cycle of the chamber from 0 to 24 hours Timer.

Indirect heating system is provided in our units, comprising of air heaters made of high grade tubular rod of suitable wattage. The warm air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber through efficient motor fans ensuring very good temperature sensitivity.

An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our
walk in plant growth chamber to enable bio chemical demand, cyclic and growth studies at lower room temperatures. We use CE marked high end CFC free compressors of Danfoss /Tecumseh make, conforming to latest international standards and guidelines.

Hermetically Sealed Compressor mounted on the Top with cascade coils and CFC free gas Refrigeration system.
Air circulation: using bilateral horizontal air circulation.
Air circulation control: Plenum walls are equipped with adjustable air inlet. 
Solenoid valves 
Defrosting system
CFC free refrigerant 

Bio Gene Walk In Chamber are result oriented.

A wide temperature range of 0°C to 45°C humidity range of 20% to 95% + 5% RH flexibility to simulate real-world environmental conditions.

Alarm: High and Low

Unique standard features of Humidity Generation through precise controller incorporated in the design to specifically support Walk in chamber.


FEED WATERING,NUTRIENT  : Solenoid operated dedicated system for feed water is possible in our Chamber.

MISTING :  Bio Gene provides Ultra sonic Mist formation with controls for dedicated applications. As Optional.

Bio Gene Advance Technology Walk In Chamber Controller. 

  1. Microprocessor based Walk In Chamber with Auto tune PID temperature control.
  2. Soft Power-on-switch 
  3. 128 x 64 BLUE Graphical display shows company name and LOGO.
  4. Process value at the same time.
  5. USB DATA EXPORT: Direct connection with computer for monitoring and control available.
  6. LAN: Connection via internet to control the entire fleet available
  7. 5 soft touch  keys to control the different parameters.
  8. 7” Touch Panel
  9. programmable profile control programs for automatic operation.
  10. Real Time Clock
  11. Temperature range 0-100 degree C
  12. Resolution 0.1 ⁰ C
  13. Humidity range 20-95%
  14. PID parameters Settable in menu.
  15. Auto tuning facility 
  16. Water level low/ok detection
  17. SSR based output controls for Heater, Cooler ,Humidifier, De humdifier.
  18. Door open detection.
  19. Water Low indication and alarms.
  20. Lighting control systems:
    lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more central computing devices
  21. Illumination Percentage (10-100)%
  22. The Menu Driven system allows the user to set multiple parameters easily.

data Logging up logs for Temp.& Humidity

RS232 Data Logger 
PC Software windows based

Our Walk In Chamber are provided with Shelves Mounted illumination system comprising of fluorescent lights Or diffused fluorescent light panel/LED Panels located at the sides of the chamber to enable the user to conduct the photo periodic tests and experiments.
Digital display and control panel for temperature, humidity.

Lighting control systems
Bio Gene lighting control system is an intelligent network based lighting control solution that incorporates communication between various system inputs and outputs related to lighting control with the use of one or more us are lengths with lux intensity of (10-100)%
Through variac.

Bio Gene Walk In Humidity Chamber

Advance selves Mounted :- Coloured Blue, Red, Far Red (Optional at extra price)
White LED with wavelengths from 400-700nm are available with Waterproof LED Grow light.
White light LED plate: 40 X 60cm
PAR: up to >150µmols 1m-2 @150mm
Material: Stainless steel  type 304 (non perforated)
Intensity adjustable from 10 to 100% fully programmable Low heat load

Cooling Mechanism Bio Gene use high end High Capacity ultra-low temperature Semi – Hermetic. The compressors are mounted on anti vibration pads for better physical stability and Eco friendly Non-CFC refrigerant R-404a is used. An air-cooled condenser specially designed for tropical climates is driven by a co-axial fan. The heat exchanger coils are Inner grooved copper tubes and are finned for maximum heat transfer. For special purposes hot gas bypass systems are used for protection against No-Load condition.

Humidity Generator

  • Humidity by electronic humidity sensor provide accurate control from 20% to 95% RH
  • Humidity generation provision is incorporated in our temperature and humidity control cabinets.
  • The humidity is generated by means of aerosol humidity generator with efficient humidity controller cum indicator.
  • Humidity circulation.
  • Improved Temperature Humidity distribution. 
  • Humidity can be controlled by Digital Temp. & Humidity. 
  • Precise Hot Air & Humidity.
  • Humidifier  is fitted in the steam Bath for long life & better result. 
  • Full feature with Temp. Controller i.e. Bi-Metallic Capillary type for both dry & wet. 

Humidity Range: 20% to 95% ±5%

Humidity Sensitivity:
Humidity is controlled by mean of an electronic humidity controller cum indicator with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

Bio Gene Walk In Chamber is double walled convection heated and cooled units (Single chamber Units). 

The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade or anodized.

CABINET: Bio Gene Walk In Chamber is provided with adjustable ribs to place  the Trays for desired height and space management. 


  • The stainless steel shelves are adjustable and non perforated, making them easy to clean and highly Resistant to corrosion. 
  • These shelves also slide making it is easy to Place all product inside.
  • The trays are made of stainless steel 304 Grade.
  • 4 floor and adjustable 8 rails.


  • Door operated illumination lamp is fitted inside the chamber for easy visibility.
  • Lamps has interchangeable including UV; five UV tubes.
  • Suitable light inside of the device.

Chamber Structure:

Floor: standard Panel with drain tube connected outside the draining system

Growth Shelves:
Four shelves / 3 tiers . 


  • Fitted with 02 Nos. Fan for cooling & heating). 
  • Technical Design and Construction Silent fan motor to maintain uniform temperature and humidity. 
  • Circulation motor for water injection in routine model inside the control unit & Chamber.
  • Air Circulating Fans For Uniformity generates evenly distributed airflow across all shelf locations and temperature uniformity.
  • Bio Gene  Walk In Chamber has Horizontal airflow system Generates airflow across all shelf locations.
  • Silent Hot Air Blower.
  • Unique design of Air Circulation.
  • Angle Iron frame.

Unique design of Air Ventilation which helps maintain accurate humidity & temperature.


Outer body of our   Walk In Chamber are constructed out of thick PCRC sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting elegantly powder coated. 
Mild steel sheet or G.I. (as per the customer’s requirements).

The gap between the walls is filled high grade PUF within the Panel.
Polyurethane foam insulation with a thickness of 50-120mm thickness keep the surface temperature comfortable and Avoid Heat and Humidity Loss Puff Insulation keep the surface Temperature comfortable 
Insulation: Thermal conductivity: approx, 0.0237 W/mk

The  door is made of mild steel sheet lined with stainless steel from inside. 
Double walled construction with Poly Euthrane insulation & Door permits easy viewing & monitoring through double layered Glass View window. this door is also built of S.S 304 in the inner side wall. door is provided with magnetic door closer.
Lockable door with double panel thermal insulating glass window providing clear view inside chamber Password Protection

Door Dimension: 900 x 2000 mm H ±5% or as desired

Left out type / Right Swing

Window Type: Tempered double Glass.

Door safety: key lock access, Password Protection enabled.

Temperature sensor: resistance temperature detector (RTD ) system provide average temperature of whole chamber.

Heavy duty stainless steel/brass hinges are provided for easy opening and closing of the door increases system efficiency.

BIO GENE  Walk In Chamber are supplied with SPECIAL five layers Silicon Magnetic Gasket for positive sealing.


Recessed Reservoir drain, with convenient drain hose, is easily accessible and a screened based prevents rodent infestation.

Temperature Range on +5°C to+ 45°C
Temperature Range Lights Off +50°C to+ 60°C.
display Digital
Temp. Deviation Between +1°C @ =+25°C @ 80% RH ( lights off )
Temperature Uniformity +2° c @ +25° c @ 80% RH ( lights off )
Temperature Control +/- 0.1° c deg.
Temperature uniformity +2 °C @ 25°C @ 80% RH (Lights off)
Temperature sensor PT-100 Ω RTD
Humidity range 20 % RH to 95% RH (lights off)
Humidity deviation 3% RH
Humidity uniformity + 5% RH
Humidity control accuracy ± 1%
Interior construction SS 304
Exterior Construction CRCA Powder coated.
Exterior Dimensions 304.8 W x 243.84 D x 243.84 H cm
Construction Panel Type PUFF Insulation for better thermal insulation.
Electrical 220 to 240 volts/ 50 Hz.
Alarm High and low
Light Intensities @ 25 °C
Size 1500 x 1500 x 2000 mm 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm 3000 x 2500 x 2500 mm 3500 x 2500 x 2500 mm
Capacity 4500 ltrs 8000 ltrs 18750 ltrs 22000 ltrs