CO2 Incubator

Bio Gene CO2 Incubator is not only an advanced instrument for cultivation of cells, tissues and bacteria, but also key equipment for immunology, genetics and bio engineering. It is widely applicable for research and production of microorganisms, agricultural science and pharmacology.

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  • Bio Engineering
  • Cell couture 
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities.
  • Growth of Organism.
  • Research Centers.
  • Universities.
  • The latest Bio Gene model is a high performance air-adjusting type CO2 incubator developed offer many years of dedicated efforts and research to fulfill the need of cell growth. These CO2 Incubator provides faster heating and Precise temperature control.
  • System has high temperature disinfection cycle copper chamber interior protects against microbial contamination due to its bimetal control construction.
  • stainless steel (construction) argon-arc-welding techniques, and semicircular arcs at corners ensure easy cleaning.
  • System has deep drawn, easy to clean stainless steel chamber which eliminates seams or welds, removing potential sources of contamination.
  • Microprocessor temperature controller ensures temperature, stability, humidity to desired parameters. 
  • Humidity generated in chamber helps in better controls.
  • Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensures safe cycles.
  • CO2 incubators safety device include over temperature, protector, Gas monitor alarm, water level monitor, Power breaker.
  • Door temperature controller prevents dewfall on glass door of incubator effectively. 
  • Bio gene for IR sensor (Infra Red) For CO2 Microprocessor control digital display for CO2 & temperature.
  • Ability for automatic decontamination with dry air without any part removal (Inclusive of COSensor) and the decontamination cycle complete in less than 10 hrs. 
  • Split inner door to easy operation of system is available as optional.
  • System has Dual-beam non dispersive Infra red sensor
  • Dual directed air flow to provide quicker temperature recovery and better uniformity.
  • Units has stackable with stacking brackets included to maximize lab space.
  • Bio Gene co2 has option of humidity monitoring automatic gas tank switchers, data output ports.
  • Incubator is UL listed, CSA certified and CE Marked.
  • Microprocessor Programmable controls
  • Co2 : 0-20%
  • Temperature: 3ºC to 60ºC.
  • Humidity : 5 – 97%
  • Time :- 0-99/999 Min
  • Door Lock :- lockable
  • Blower speed : Uniform enable disable
  • Alarm : co2 , Temperature Timer
  • Sterilization : Cycle
  • Process: Start. End
  • Castor :- Lockable
  • Air : Class 100
  • EN: 60601 : 1
  • EMD : 93/42/EEC
  • EN 61000-6-1 : 2001
  • EN 61000-6-3 : 2001
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89)/336/EEC)
  • BIOGENE CO2 Incubator is double walled direct heat air jacketed. Outer body of our Bio Gene CO2 incubators are constructed out of Mild Steel sheet duly rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated.
  • The inner chamber is made of heavy gauge Seamless stainless steel of SS-304 grade.
  • The gap between the walls is filled high-grade PUF.
  • To view the specimens without disturbing the temperature of the chamber. 
  • This door is provided with Silicon Packing Magnet Door. 
  • This door is provided with lock and key arrangement.
  • The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel frame and provided with castor wheels for easy movement inside the laboratory.
  • CO2 controls  Internal HEPA Filter, Inner UVL  for sterilization, Gas and temperature monitoring system.
  • The unit is provided with stainless steel shelves. 
  • Heat sterilization cycle of 120 and above for 12 hours to safely kills all organisms within the chamber, including mold, yeast, mycoplasma, bacteria, and even difficult to eliminate spores.
  • The microprocessor control system has in built dedicated cycles for CO2 applicataion.
  • class 100 HEPA filtered chamber airflow, snap fit.
  • Microbiological filters on all gas inlets and outlet and sample ports potential contamination sources are reduced.
  • CO2 Gassing : Auto calibrated O2 and N2 controls through Gas Mixing units with rotameters. Permitting : gas supplies controlled which switches automatically to the second supply when first supply when first supply is empty and sounds an alarm.
  • CO2 Range : 0 to 21%  RH
  • Castor Rollers for Free Movement.
  • RS 232 communication port.
 MODEL NO. CO-80 CO-170
 Heating method  Air-Jacket direct heating
 Temperature Alarm  For shut up temperature
 Temperature Range  Ambient +3ºC to 60ºC
 Temperature Uniformity  < +0.2ºC
 Temperature Control  < +0.1ºc  at 37ºC
 Sensor IR  CO2 Sensor
 Temperature Stability  +0.1ºC   at 37ºC
 Readability  0.1%
 Accuracy  + 0.1% 
 Humidity range  RH up to 97%
 Humidity Recovery  ±5% 
 Co2 Range  0~20% (air adjusting type) +/- 0.1% at 5% 
 Co2 control  +/-0.1%
 Co2 Recovery  ≤Calibration X 1.2min
 Humidifying Method  Natural evaporation
 Cubage  80/170 L  
 Recovery Time  After 1 min door opening 5
 Shelves  4(pcs.)
 Display  Digital LED Dual
 Electrical Requirements  230V 50Hz 50/60Hz
 Input Power  720W
 SIZE  80 Ltrs  170 Ltrs
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU