Humidity Incubator

The Industry and Scientist need fast and better result in cultivation of cells Bio Gene Humidity chamber, stability chamber are most versatile chamber for E. Coli Mammalian cells or other organisms including yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. Bio gene ensures cultivation of cells is optimal by isochronizing the relative humidity with a slightly acidic pH by controlling the evaporation.

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  • Features
  • Control
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Bio Gene Humidity Incubator Controlled Chambers are widely used in

  • Electronic Industry
  • Aviation Space, Telecommunication, Military
  • Food Industry
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Dental Office & Laboratories
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Jewelry Industry for intricate parts
  • Auto Industry for Rugged parts
  • Engineering Industries
  • Research Centers
  • Universities
  • Relative Humidity Incubator from 30 to 95%
  • Low Water Level Indicator System
  • Self-Diagnostic Function automatically checks any malfunction and make warning signal
  • Humidity Incubator Control by electronic humidity sensor provide accurate control from 30 to 95% .
  • High Quality PUF insulation Puff Insulation keeps the surface Temperature comfortable & Avoid Heat & Humidity Loss. 
  • Precise Hot Air & Humidity 
  • Silent Hot Air Blower, Unique design of Air Circulation & Humidity circulation & improved Temperature / Humidity distribution. 
  • PUF insulation
  • CFC Free
  • Unique design of Ventilation.
  • Polish 304 grade of S. Steel interior Corrosion resistant long life operation 
  • Kanthal A-1 steel Tubular heater J shape is fitted in the steam Bath for long life & better result.


  • Display, LED and pushbuttons
  • Temperature control and safety 60601 : 1
  • Standards : EN, CE, 
  • Electro Medical Directive 60601 : 1
  • MDD :- 93/42/EEC
  • EN 61000-6-1 : 2001
  • EN 61000-6-3 : 2001
  • LVD: 2014/35/E4
  • Humidity: 30-95% RH
  • Temperature: RT +5ºC- 60ºC
  • Low water level: cut off and Alarm
  • Compressor:  Over load cut off.
  • Bio Gene Humidity Incubator is Double walled construction and stainless steel AISI 304 grade steel. 
  • Construction Silent fan motor to maintain uniform temperature and humidity.
  • Safety and Convenience over temperature and current protection capability ensure user safety, adjustable sliding rack, water level sensor
  • Unique design of Ventilation.
  • Self-Diagnostic Function automatically checks any malfunction and make warning signal.
  • Stainless Steel  Tubular heater is fitted for better circulation.
  • Angle Iron frame.
  • Castor wheel for easy movement (for Refrigerated model). 
  • Fitted with Fan for cooling & heating. 

THE INNER CHAMBER Bio Gene Humidity Incubator is made of heavy gauge stainless Polish  304 grade of Stainless. Steel interior Corrosion resistant long life.

of our Bio Gene Humidity Incubator constructed out of Mild Steel sheet duly rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated. 

Door: The door is provided with a quick locking facility and heat resistant Five laxer gasket.

Bio Gene Humidity Incubator The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel frame and provided with castor wheels for easy movement inside the laboratory. 

 Bio Gene Humidity Incubator is supplied with 02 nos adjustable perforated shelves fabricated from 304 grade SS sheets minimum 1.2 mm thick.

The gap between the walls is filled high-grade PUF Insulation, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency in our Bio Gene Humidity Incubator.

 Bio Gene Humidity Incubator Fan Motor Blower is mounted at the Rear wall for uniform Temperature. Which is a self cooled air circulation fan is fitted to maintain uniform temperature and humidity conditions throughout the chamber from EBM plast Germany.

Door Open:
Visual indication with door open conditions.Humidity Range


Humidity generation provision is incorporated in our temperature and humidity control cabinets The humidity is generated by means of aerosol humidity generator with efficient humidity controller cum indicator.


Front panel of our units comprises of on/off switches heating, cooling and mains indicator lamps, temperature controllers.

An energy efficient cooling unit is installed in our temperature and humidity control cabinet s to enable bio chemical demand, cyclic and growth studies at lower room temperatures.  We use ISI marked high end CFC free compressors of Kirloskar/Tecumseh make, conforming to latest international standards and guideline.



Number of Internal Racks  2nos
Internal body type  Double walled
Programmable Temperature Range 4°C / Ambient +5°C to 60°C Better
Temperature Stability  ≤±1ËšC Temperature Controller Analog
Temperature accuracy  +/-0.5%
Temperature uniformity  +/-1%
Humidity Range (RH)  30 - 95%
Humidity  accuracy  ±2% RH
Humidity uniformity  ±2%
Humidity Stability  ±2%
Housing Material  CRC/ Mild Steel (Sheet duly Power Coated)
Interior  S.S304 Polished Sheets
Chamber Door  Door with Glass Sheet window for visibility of components.
Power Supply Requirement  220/230 V AC 50 Hz Single Phase
Capacity 112 ltr 175 ltr 280 ltr 450 ltr 560 ltr
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU