Model BIO GENE BTI/HPLC-6001 isocratic system with P600 high-pressure constant-current pump and UV600 detector. Its can control numbers of P600 pumps, UV600 detectors, constant-temperature column ovens and so on. Having the function of varied high-pressure elution and wavelength scan.

Chemical Analysis, Poison analysis, environmental analysis, protein food Detection, Medicine Testing, Polymer Analysis.

HPLC-600 High-pressure and Constant-current Pump

1) Reciprocating parallel pump, flow rate precision, small pulsation, extending the operational life for the gasket ring and piston rod.
2) Pressure pulsation is controlled by diaphragmatic damper in seconds and electronic pulse suppression technique at the same time to ensure the limit baseline noise.
3) Single-side valve all day, simple structure, good air tightness
4) Automatic retracting piston rods, easy to change the gasket ring.
5) Can choose the automatic washing function for the column, and it’s adapt for the analysis condition which using buffer salt.

HPLC 600- UV600 UV Detector

1) Parallel dual-cone holes flow cell, eliminating the noise and making efficient detection.
2) Boot auto-detection. Estimating the error accuracy of wavelength through the position of 486.6nm and 656nm on the chromatogram map, to ensure the wavelength precision and the best status for the instrument.
3) Using multi-microprocessor to control circuit, which can manage signal acquisition, data processing, system control and communication. Its can set the wavelength, filtering wavelength constant, output value and runtime through LCD and 7 function keys conveniently when you are doing the isocratic analysis. Also have the function of deuterium lamp switch, spectrum scan and starting analysis procedure.
4) Full digital switching system, to avoid the disturbance based on the multi digital - to - analog conversion for the chromatographic signal

WSLC-600 Chromatograph data processing system

1) Double function with control system and data processing.
2) 6 quantitative calculation way
3) Calibrated by varied sample which in different consistence, to build the calibration curve (consistence-proportion) for the sample.
4) Distinguishing and processing the peak flexibly.
5) Can save the chromatogram map, quantitative calculation way , peak processing spec and peak distinguishing chart to the file which named by clients.

Flow Rate Range 0.001-9.999mL/min in 0.001mL/min increments
Pressure Range Error≤0.5MPa (0-42MPa)
Flow Rate Precision RSD<0.06%
Pulsation ≤0.1Mpa (Flow Rate 1ml/min,Pressure 5-10Mpa)
Qualitative Analysis RSD6≤0.1% (Naphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent)
Quantitative Repeatability RSD6≤0.3% (Naphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent)
Flow Rate Setting Error Ss≤2% (1mL/min water, 5-10MPa room temperature)
Air Tightness of Pump Pressure 42MPa, time 10min, Pressure Drop<0.5MPa
Mixing Accuracy ±1%
Mixing Precision ±0.2%
Size 450mm x 300mm x 160mm(W*H*D)
HPLC600-UV600 Detector
Wavelength Range 190-680nm
Flow Cell 8μL
Spectrum Band Width 8nm
Baseline noise ≤±0.25 x 10-5AU (Empty Cell)
Wavelength Accuracy ±1nm
Baseline drift/td> ≤0.4 x 10-4AU (Empty Cell)
Wavelength Precision <0.1nm
Limit of Detection 3 x 10-9g/mL (Naphthalene Methyl Alcohol Solvent)
Size 450mm x 300mm x 160mm(W*H*D)

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