Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)

Plasma is generated from the triple concentric quartz tube in a torch. Argon is put into Torch pipe in tangent direction, the upper part of torch is coiled with copper loop <intercom cooling water>. High-frequency generator generates the high frequency current (40 MHz frequency around 1 KW power) through the coil, producing around Alternating magnetic field, ionizeing to produce a small amount of argon ion and electron, in the magnetic field under the accelerated collisions with other neutral atoms, producing more electronic and ions, in the form of eddy current, EDM reacts in the plasma formed under the plasma torch( That is, plasma). The plasma temperature could be up to 10000 K or higher. Aqueous solution measured by the formation of aerosol spray into the center of the quartz torch channel. Atomic is ionized  by energy of outsiders, but the atoms are in unstable state, and from the high-level transition to the ground state, atoms will release tremendous energy, this energy is a certain wavelength of electromagnetic radiation and is sent out. Different elements have different spectral characteristics. These feature spectrum shoots grating of spectrometer through the lens, computer rotates grating by controlling the stepper motor, transmission mechanism posit elements characteristic spectra accurately to the slit, and photomultiplier change the spectrum of light intensity to the current, then deal with the circuit and V / F conversion by computer data processing, the final analysis is made by the printer.

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ICP inductively coupled plasma single-channel scanning spectrometer, is a multi-element analysis of the sequence test measuring equipment. The instrument consists of scanning spectrometer, radio frequency generator, the sample introduction system, photoelectric conversion, control systems, data processing systems, and analysis software.

  • Rapid analysis: in one minute more than 21 to 26 elements can be scanned (domestic only this one).
  • Wavelength error of indication and repeatability: Wavelength error of indication: ? 0.02nm
  • Repeatability: ≤ 0.003nm
  • High precision: relative standard deviation RSD ≤ 1.0%.
  • Stability: the relative standard deviation RSD ≤ 1.5.0%.
  • Measurement Range: from trace to common.
  • Low detection limit: ppb (ug / L) level (some elements of the detection limit see Appendix 1).
  • Multi-element analysis: 70 metal elements and some non-metallic elements (such as B, P, Si, Se, Te) can be quantitative or qualitative analysis.
  • Measurement Methods: single-element and multi-element order measurement.
  • Power: adjustable 800W-1200W.
  • Convenient operation: new third generation analysis software installed on Windows XP Or Windows7operation system. Multi-window, User Interface are both in Chinese or English languages. Faster analysis, more functions, multi-window and multi-task in real time (domestic only this one).

B: the technical quality standards:

  • Wavelength error of indication and repeatability: Wavelength error of indication: ± 0.02nm  Repeatability: ≤ 0.003nm
  • Scan wavelength range :180-500 nm/3600 lines / mm, 180nm-800 nm/2400 line / mm
  • Measuring resolution: ≤0.008 nm
  • Instrument repetitive: the relative standard deviation RSD ≤ 1.0%
  • The stability of equipment: the relative standard deviation RSD ≤ 1.5%
  • Typical elements of the detection threshold: μ g / L (Appendix 1)

C: Payment: to be discussed.

D: acceptance: Party B send engineers to debug this site installation equipment, equipment installation and debugging according to the B: 1-5 , which should be meet the demanded technical standard. Party B supply for Party A technical training.

Instrument Specifications acceptance method (mode) are as follows:

E: Party B is requested to assist the establishment of analytical methods for Party A. Party A in accordance with Party B to the determination of this equipment and user needs, free of charge to assist the establishment of Party and the actual testing methods so that the Party A could put the instrument into use as soon as possible.

F: Warranty: Instrument have one year warranty from the date of acceptance, all normal operations of Party B is responsible for the failure of free warranty, more than the warranty period for the perennial technical services.

Appendix 1 (see table below for some elements of the detection units ppb or ug / L)

ELEMENT Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Sc Y Eu Yb
Wavelength nm 313.042 279.553 393.366 407.771 455.403 335.373 371.030 381.967 369.419
The detection limit <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0 <1.0


ELEMENT Lu La Gd Dy Ho Er Tm Zn Cd
Wavelength nm 261.542 333.749 342.247 353.170 345.600 337.271 313.126 213.856 226.502
The detection limit <1.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0


ELEMENT Fe Ti Cu Mn V B Ni Cr Co
Wavelength nm 239.562 344.941 324.754 257.610 309.311 249.773 221.647 205.552 238.204
The detection limit <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <3.0 <5.0 <5.0 <5.0 <5.0


ELEMENT Zr Mo Ag Au Si Al Ir P Hg
Wavelength nm 343.823 202.030 328.068 242.795 251.611 396.152 224.268 213.618 194.227
The detection limit <5.0 <5.0 <5.0 <5.0 <5.0 <10.0 <10.0 <10.0 <10.0

RF generator (RF)

  • TR-TC8102 similar instrument ICP spectrometer, automatic ignition, automatic control, etc.
  • Circuit type: self-inductance feedback oscillation circuit, the output of coaxial cable, matching tuning, feedback signals from power, closed-loop control.
  • Frequency: 40.68 MHz ± 0.05%
  • Frequency stability: ≤ 0.1%
  • Output power :800-1200 W
  • Output power stability: ≤ 0.1%
  • Leakage of electromagnetic field strength of radio: 20 cm from the device.
  • Electric field strength E: <2 V / m

Sampling devices:

  • Output of the coil diameter of 25mm, 3-turn.
  • Torch tube: three concentric type, diameter 20 mm quartz tube torch.
  • coaxial-type sprayer 6 mm diameter.
  • double-room fog diameter 34 mm.
  • Argon carrier gas flow meter specifications and pressure gauges Specifications:
    1 plasma gas flow meter (100-1000) L / h (1.6-16L/min).
    2 auxiliary gas flow meter (10-100) L / h (0.16-1.66L/min)
    3 Carrier gas flow meter (10-100) L / h (0.16-1.66L/min)
    4 carrier gas regulator valve (0-0.4Mpa) L / h
    5 cooling water temperature :21-26 ºC flow> 5 L / min pressure> 0.1 Mpa cooling water: resistivity > 1  Ω


  • Optical Pathway: Czerny-Turner.
  • focal length: 1000mm.
  • grating Specifications: plasma etching holographic grating; groove density of 3600 lines / mm, engraved lines of: 
  • 80 × 110mm (optional groove density of 2,400 lines / mm, engraved lines of: 80 × 110mm).
  • dispersion of the penultimate line: 0.26nm
  • 1/(Line Dispersion rate): 0.26nm.
  • resolving power: ≤ 0.008 nm
  • scan wavelength range:
  • 3600 lines / mm scan wavelength range :180-500 nm
  • 2400 lines / mm scan wavelength range :180-800 nm
  • stepper motor drive the smallest step: 0.0005nm.
  • Radio and the incident slit: 20 μ m
  • mirror specifications: (78 × 105 × 16) mm
  • temperature keeping: 38 ºC ± 1 ºC.

Optical Metering devices:

  • photomultiplier specifications: R212UH or R928
  • photomultiplier negative high-voltage :0-1000 V stability of <0.03%
  • photomultiplier current measurement range: 10-4~10-9A
  • signal acquisition for the V / F exchange: 1mV corresponding 100 Hz
  • sampling circuit uses foreign high-precision operational amplifiers, improve the accuracy of the sensitivity of the equipment and greatly.
  • data acquisition equipment communicates with computer through the serial port connection, thus simplifying the circuit to connect more convenient.
  • Metering mode, single, multi-element sequential measurement
  • Instrument operating software requirements
    (1) operating system Windows XP or Windows 7 operating platform
    (2) choose the number of lines of the measurement wavelength
    (3) database spectrum library of more than 110,000
    (4) multi-window in the measurement time results in the display window retains the last results, measure the next sample
    (5) the standard addition method software, a standard addition method, in order to use under different conditions and applications
    (6) analysis of the default best mode software analysis model, with the instrument diagnosis, spectrum analysis, and several measurement methods and several integration mode, the unit optional multiple functions
    (7) historical database analysis results are automatically saved in the history database, you can selectively print you want to print a batch analysis results
    (8) output data requirements for the software to support a laser printer to print the results of the analysis.
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Plasma Spectrometer
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TR-TC8102 piece 1     Host
Intelligent temperature
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TC1800 piece 1     accessory
Computer Host Lenovo or HP
business machines
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Monitor Lenovo or HP
business machines
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printer HP laser printer piece 1     accessory
Sampling System Quartz torch tube
fog room,
set 2     accessory
Exhaust system Axial fan Set 1     accessory
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Packing List Chinese and English Copy 1     accessory
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