HPLC 6002 Isocratic Intelligent

MODEL BIO GENE BTI/ HPLC-6002 isocratic intelligent controlled liquid chromatography system consists of a HPLC6002 high pressure constant current pump, a SPD6002 UV visible variable wavelength detector and a SCL6002 system controller.

Infusion pump is adopted plunger floating installation, enhance the stability of the instrument performance and durability of using.

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It is widely used in R&D, medical testing, food testing, chemical analysis, environmental monitoring and many other areas of analysis.

1. More features to meet customer needs for analysis.The hardware has VP function, record maintenance information and operation, in line with GLP / GMP requirements; system controller with a clock, thermometer, hygrometer and other user-friendly design functions.

2. Exceptional performance to meet the stringent requirements of the customer Infusion pump with the material structure of the plunger, Teflon seals, plunger floating installation method can enhance the stability of the performance of the instrument and durability of using. The detector adopts imported double-beam monochromator composed of imported deuterium lamp, photocell and 1200 / mm concave grating, precision machining double lens flow cell, high-precision microprocessors to control the wavelength adjustment, dual high-speed sampling frequency, to ensure a low noise, low drift and ultra-high sensitivity and so on. Mixers can evenly mix the injections, the baseline collected by a gradient program maintains good reproducibility. 3. Reliable results to meet customer requirements. Compared with the international imported instruments, the analysis results keep high consistency.

4. Simple operation is convenient for customers to operate the system.

5. Exquisite appearance to meet the customer's visual requirements of the instrument.

6. A variety of software to meet the needs of different users.

7. The special chromatograhy data workstation is embedded in the detector, with VI5890, N2000, N3000 for customers to choose for using.

BTI/ HPLC-6002
Infusion Method Micro-volume series double plunger
Max Infusion Pressure 0~9999Psi
Flow setting range 0.001~9.999mL/min (adjust the flow by 0.001mL/min)
Flow Setting Value Deviation ≤0.5%
Flow Stability Deviation ≤0.2%RSD
Pressure Pulsation Less than 15Psi (flow 1mL/min, pressure 600~1600Psi)
Pump Sealability Pressure 5400Psi,time 10min,pressure drop less than 400Psi
Time program function Yes
Dimensions W260×H130×D420mm
Weight 11kg
Ambient Temperature Range 4~40℃
DPS6002 UV visible variable wavelength detector
Wavelength Range 190nm~700nm
Wavelength Indication Deviation ≤±1nm
Wavelength Repeatability Deviation ≤±0.1nm
Dynamic Noise ≤ ±0.75×10-5AU(methanol,1ml/min,254nm,20℃)
Static Noise ≤ ±0.5×10-5 AU(Empty pool, response time 1 sec,20℃)
Dynamic Baseline Drift ≤±1×10-4 AU/h (Methanol,1mL/min,254nm,20℃)
Static Baseline Drift ≤ 5×10-4 AU/h (Empty pool, response time 1 sec,20℃)
Linear Range ≥104
Minimum Detection Concentration ≤1×10-9g/mL (Naphthalene / methanol solution)
Qualitative repeatability RSD6≤ 0.1%
Quantitative repeatability RSD6≤ 0.5%
Spectral bandwidth 6nm
Flow cell volume 8μL
Optical distance 10mm
Time Program Function Yes
Dimensions W260×H130×D420mm
Weight 11kg
Ambient Temperature Range 4~40℃


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU