Bio Gene® High Performance Chromatography Refrigerator are widely used in

  • Electronic Industry for Delicate Parts
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Dental Office & Laboratories
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Engineering Industries
  • Research Centers
  • Universities
  • Gravimetric analysis 
  • Sintering 
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Flexible shelving for easy storage.
  • Automatic door closing.
  • High temperature / door Alarm 
  • Frost fee cold lab chamber. 
  • Automatic door closing.
  • Reversible Glass door.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • Adjustable shelves (Chiller) Freezing shelves.
  • Digital micro processor  controller with display(Optional )
  • 100% Space utilization.
  • Ports :- 02 Calibration
  • Digital micro processor controller with display. (OPTIONAL)
  • Flexi shelving for better space utilization.
  • Precise temperature. 
  • Look for Ensuring security of Medicines /Samples.
  • 2” Castors With Locks for easy Mobility of Equipment 
  • Internal Material White painted anti corrosion steel.
  • External material White painted anti corrosion steel.
  • Refrigeration Type: Forced air refrigeration system
  • Unibody design and Mono-assembly foaming.
  • Bio Gene High Performance Chromatography Refrigerator have microprocessor controller for temperature and alarms.
  • Temperature range :- –2ËšC+8ËšC  
  • Low Noise Level around 50dBA.
  • Multiple Dual Layered insulated.


  • Micro processor based
  • Temperature controller
  • Single/Dual compressor controller
  • Range .: 0ËšC to +8ËšC
  • Sensor PT 100
  • Audio visual alarm
  • Door open Detection
  • SSR Output
  • Data logger with computer interface (Optional).
  • PC software for Data Recorder (Optional).

GB/T5170.2, GB/T5170.5,IEC60601-1/IEC60068-3-6.

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation (PUF) thickness 75mm.
  • Double walled units are made of thick stainless steel 304/316 grade. 
  • Outer walled scratch free molded or of mild steel sheet duly powder coated.
  • Body is mounted on a sturdy angle iron frame and is mounted on castor wheels with locks.
  • Heavy Duty Castor wheels of 2.0” for easy movement with locks. 
  • Coated with antimicrobial coating eliminates 99.9% surface bacteria within 24 hrs.
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free refrigerant.
  • Magnetic door lock, latch able inner door with magnetic lock. Handle, lock and magnetic gasket for door. 
  • Wheel locks and manual defrost. 
  • Temp. Maintain.: 0ËšC to +8ËšC
  • Compressor with Cascade System.
  • Bio Gene deep freezer has cascade refrigerator for minimizing cool air loss.
  • Double fan circulation system will be provided.
  • Single hand operation with an easy to use, padlock compatible, ergonomic door handles with integrated key lock.
  • Power Supply: Single phase. 220-240 Volts, Frequency 50 Hz. 
  • Power Consumption ≤550 W
  • Electric Requirement: 25 amps.
  • Insulation Type: 75mm thick polyurethane foam.
Model BTI/HPCR/650
Control system Microprocessor control & Large
Temperature range 0ËšC to +8ËšC
Temperature accuracy 0.1°C
Digital display YES
Lock YES
No of shelves 6-8 SHELVES
Caster Wheels YES
No of doors 2 Glass Door
Refrigerant R13 a, CFC Free
Defrost Automatic defrost
Condenser and Evaporator High Efficiency air cooled condenser, made of copper
Dimension 48 x 28 x 77 inch
Capacity 650 Liter
Power supply AC 220 V ±10%, 50/60HZ