Blood Bank Refrigerator

Bio Gene Blood Bank Refrigerators are most versatile unit for Blood Bank specially designed for this purpose. It is available  various capacities for storing the blood bags/bottles of capacity up to 450 ml, in an automatically controlled temperature of 2°C  to 8°C. Forced air circulation ensures uniform temperature. These refrigerators are designed for the precise requirements of  Blood banking & processing applications. These Blood Bank refrigerators meet the stringent standards required in Blood Bank  applications. For consistent, reliable protection, storage preservation of valuable blood products at safe 4°C, you can depend  on our blood bank refrigerators.Construction: External body of the blood storage refrigerator is made pre coated galvanized steel 18G CRCA sheet duly powder coated for long lasting finish. Caster wheels provided for easily mobility. The inner chamber is made of high quality stainless  steel 304 grae highly polished S.S. trays are provided, for accommodating blood bottles or Blood bags. The door is hinged and  easy to open. The door has a glass window for viewing inside the chamber without disturbing the thermal conditions. The door is  duly insulated for proper sealing from external environment and is lockable.The stainless steel chamber is insulated with help of high density CFC free PUF (polyurethane) insulation to prevent the loss of temperature.Design: Our blood bank refrigerators are ergonomically designed and feature long service life with almost no maintenance  required. The internal chamber is easy to clean; the bottom surface is so designed that water runs into hole easily and drains out  from the pipe at rear side.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification

Control Panel: All controls such as digital temperature controller-cum indicator, mains switches, indicating lights, Audio visual  alarm, are easily accessible.

Fully automatic microprocessor control: A fully automatic dedicated microprocessor helps in monitoring all the functions of the  blood bank refrigerator.

The advanced microprocessor monitors the chamber temperature in real time to prevent the spoilage of blood and to maintain  the set value of temperature. The temperature is selectable between C to C with a resolution of 0.1° C. The front soft touch  keypads permits control settings and access to default settings. An inbuilt feature for setting the compressor rest time is also  provided. The microprocessor also monitors the incoming voltage. If the incoming voltage lies in a particular range, the LED will  show OK and the refrigeration unit will function. If the incoming voltage is either Low or High, the LED will show Low or High and  the refrigeration unit will be switched off for safety reasons. The bright LEDs display the Set and the Read Values of temperature.  Both audio and visual alarms alert if there is any deviation of temperature, voltage, door open, power failure, battery low etc.

An inbuilt automatic defrost enhances hassle free operation. The complete temperature control panel is mounted on front for  easy readability and operation.

Shelves: Shelves are removable and made of stainless steel thick round wires and designed in such a way that bags are kept in  vertical /horizontal position and labels are clearly visible. Number of shelves depends upon volume of blood refrigerator Power supply: The instrument is designed to operate on 220 -240V 50hz triple Phase AC Supply

Capacity: Storage capacity: 350 blood bags at least 450 ml


illumination: For illumination under chamber 2x fluorescent light .Light is controlled through door open close or user can  directly switch On/Off through front control panel.

  • Uniform temperature recovery
  • Eye-level display of cabinet temperature allows for easy temperature monitoring even from a distance
  • Air circulation for constant temperature distribution is mainted at the rear side of the machine
  • Independent safety thermostat to avoid negative temperature
  • Forced Air circulation system
  • CFC & noise free compressor
  • Highly precise microprocessor control
  • PUF insulated triple pane glass door
  • Cabinet made of 18SWG pre coated galvanized steel.
  • Inner chamber made of 22SWG stainless steel SS304 grade
  • 100mm thick polyurethane insulation to ensure better hold over time
  • R134a Eco friendly refrigerant
  • Flexible shelving for easy storage.
  • Automatic door closing.
  • High temperature /door Alarm
  • Frost fee cold lab chamber.
  • Automatic door closing and Lock.
  • Reversible door.
  • Compact refrigerator for storing blood at +20C with insulating door.
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller with integrated audio visual temperature and power alarm function with  digital monitoring display
  • Bio gene controller has setting set point high alarm point low alarm point buzzer off time C/F Temperature Choice
  • Precise temperature.
  • Castors for easy Mobility of Equipment.
  • Internal Fan positioned at 90º for uniform temperature maintenance all along the inside of the cabinet. Automatic switch-
  • off of the internal fan prevents the loss of cold air when the cabinet door is open
  • Bio gene controller has setting set point high alarm point low alarm point buzzer off time C/F Temperature Choice.
  • Controlled fan cooling system for constant internal uniform temperature distribution at ambient temperature of 43 Ö¯C
  • Air cooled compressor with CFC Free refrigerant system.
  • Inbuilt automatic line voltage correctors automatic voltage stabilizers
  • External ambient temperature -10 Ö¯C to 43 Ö¯C.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade hermitically sealed compressor.

Model No.

BTI -LR-650



Temperature range

2°C to 6°C

Temperature accuracy



350blood bags 450 ml (650Liter)

Dimensions (internal) (WxDxH)  in mm*

710 x 770 x 1200

Temperature sensor


Temperature controller

Microprocessor based PID controller



External construction

18G CRCA sheet powder coated

Internal construction

22 SWG 304 grades stainless steel


Toughened glass door with magnetic gasket, handle, lock & key


Polyurethane (100mm thick)

Battery backup

4 hours for display temperature and alarms

Refrigeration system

CFC free hermetic compressor

Safety features

Audio-visual alarm system for high and low temperatures ,door open, power ,display and sensor


Hold over time in case of power  failure

1.5-2 hour


Storage capacity per tray

72 nos of blood bags of 450ml/tray 102 nos of blood bags of 350ml/tray

Power consumption



Air circulation inside the chamber

Continuously operated forced air circulation using the evaporator fan


R134a(CFC Free)


4x7 segment LED

Duration of the chart

7 days


Caster wheels with front lockable

Chart recorder

Seven days graphic chart recorder for temperature (-10 Ö¯C to +20 Ö¯ C )

Resolution of the recorder


Method of recording


Standards & Approval


Blood Bank Refrigerator

The blood bank refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment in the immunohematology department and provides safe and convenient storage of whole blood, blood components (e.g., blood cells, plasma), and reagents. Blood bank refrigerators ensure freshness and integrity of blood and blood components.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification

Blood Bank Refrigerator are widely used in

  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities & Lab
  • PRP Gravimetric analysis 
  • Laboratories
  • Research Centers Universities
  • Qualitative Blood Component analysis
  • Blood Bank & plasma Bank
  • TFT touch screen display.
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • 7 Days chart recorder, with a battery backup for 2 hours (OPTIONAL AT EXTRA COST)
  • No ice formation in the area around the wells and in the retention gaskets.
  • Electronic recorder and bar code reader, also possible to set a work schedule for single batch freezing
  • Internal temperature during the loading phase of the plasma bags.
  • Safety system to avoid negative temperature
  • Provision for visibility of item stored
  • §  CFC and HCFC Free
  • §  External Voltage Stabilizer
  • Triple gasket (Absolute retention guarantee against air entry) in silicon rubber with welded joints.
  • The refrigerant system should be completely sealed: it uses a cascade circuit
  • 2 hermetic compressors.
  • Provision of reading and recording upto a maximum of 8PT 100 channels.
  • Enabled with a clean digital input for synchronizing the start of recording with the start of the unit abatement
  • Historization cycles /Codes on SD card-export of cycles/codes via USB port
  • The geometry of the wells is conical, to simplify extraction and formation of the solid bag.
  • Quality of frozen plasma, the recovery of 96% fibrinogen and 81% of concentration of factor VIII. 



  • Human Machine Interface with TFT touch screen display.
  • The adapted principal of thermal exchange, in this case, does not use a cold bath at -40 ° C, but -80° C surfaces, with which the bags are in direct contact.
  • Freezing time :< 45 minutes for 24 bags (450ml).


  • BioGene Blood Bank Refrigerator for 24 bags is a Horizontal Freezer, where the plasma bags are placed in Horizontal/vertical position.
  • Under counter solid, self-closing door maintains optimal storage conditions and is field-reversible
  • Material: Inner corrosion free, stainless steel
  • Outer: The Outer body of Bio Gene Blood Bank Refrigerator is made of Heavy Duty galvanized steel body with duly tough powder coated.
  • Recessed floor contains spills for easy clean up and maintain integrity of other stored productssss
  • Key lock, settings security and optional access control
  • The surface of the wells to be smooth and made of glazed Inbox AISI 304 steel, without edges, and therefore permits the safe storage against accidental breaks or bumps of the bags.
  • Internal case made of 6 wells



Bio Gene

 Model No.


Nominal Storage Capacity, Blood Bags*

24 pcs

Inter Case

6 wells

Control System

Microprocessor Based PID controller

Freezing Time

< 45 minutes for 24 bags (450 ml)

Safety System

Lockable On-Off Key

Temperature Display

TFT LCD Display Human Machine Interface with TFT touch screen display. (Not affected by power cut)

Temperature Reading and Setting Sensitivity


Temperature Sensor

8 PT -100

Temperature Range


Power Failure Alarm

Audible and Visual

Door Alarm

Audible and Visual

Drawer Structure

65 dB

Isolation (CFC free)

High Density Injected Polyurethane


Triple layer rubber gasket fitted exterior door

Circular Temperature Recorder


Historization cycles

codes via USB port

Inner Surface Structure

Stainless Steelsss

External Surface Structure And Quality

Powder Coated

Caster Wheel

4 Nos (2 Caster Lockable)

Number of Compressor


Power Supply

230 V - 50 Hz


External Voltage Stabilizer

An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU