TRI GAS CO2 Incubator

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Bio Engineering
  • Cell couture 
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities.
  • Growth of Organism.
  • Research Centers.
  • Universities.
  • High heat decontamination system with temperature of 180°C during sterilization and the sterilization operate without removing HEPA filter and sensors.
  • Equipped with USB port and LCD touch screen, the incubator can save data in real time.
  • High quality infrared sensor for accurate CO2 concentration.
  • The working chamber adopts round angle structure, easy to clean.
  • High quality CO2 gas filter ensures the inside air quality.
  • Humidity generated in chamber helps in better controls.
  • 3 Push-pull shelves with holes ensures better temperature uniformity with inner glass door.
  • Microcomputer controller, LCD displays temperature, CO2 concentration, run-time and timing.
  • Three Liters water reservoir in the bottom chamber ensures high humidity.
  • Inner Chamber: Electro polished stainless steel.
  • Exterior Chamber: 18 gauge, (1mm),cold-rolled steel, powder coated.
  • 5 height adjustable perforated shelves & humidity reservoir (removable) to achieve 95% RH.
  • IR CO2 sensor with programmable auto-zero function providing superior accuracy and stability with CO2 control range from 0.2 to 20% with Accuracy ±0.1% and stability ±0.2% with auto calibration of CO2 levels.
  • Microprocessor controlled temperature ranging from 0°C above ambient to 80°C, with control accuracy of ±0.1°C with six-sided direct heating with fan less, gentle convection circulation to provide stable temperature control, uniformity and rapid recovery with no over shoot.
  • Audio and visible alarm for both temperature and CO2 level.
  • LCD display and touch screen with Password Protection to ensure the integrity of all programmable system settings and display temperature, CO2 Level, O2 level & RH.
  • CO2 inlet HAS HEPA filter.
  • Variable partial pressure of oxygen , extra inlet for other gas.
  • RS-232 communication port & 25 mm access port.
  • Non-volatile memory based 72 hour data logger to record parameters such as CO2/O2 gas concentration, temperature changes, door opening.
  • O2 Range: 0-20%, O2 Accuracy: ±0.2%
 Capacity  180 (Liters)
 Heating  Air jacket
 Temperature Range  Temp. Range 3℃ above ambient to 55℃
 Control Type  Temperature and humidity
 Temp. Fluctuation  ≤±0.2℃(at 37℃)
 Temp. Uniformity  ≤±0.3 ℃(at 37℃)
 Time Setting  999h or continuous
 Alarm  Audible and visual alarm; Over- alarm; CO2 Concentration
 Shelves  3 pcs/ adjustable
 Material  External cold-rolled steel with Internal stainless steel
 Door  With inner door and external
 Co2 Range  Infrared sensor, range 0~20%
 Co2 control Resolution  0.1%
 Humidification Type  Water reservoir in the bottom ensures high humidity (95%≤relative humidity≤99%)
 Ambient Temp. & Humidity  18~30℃, suggest 25±2℃; humidity ≤80%
 Caster  Foot master caster (Optional) extra cost)
 Consumption  650/750W
 Power Supply  AC220V±10%, AC110V±10%, 60Hz(Optional)
 CO2 gas purity  99.5
 CO2 inlet & pressure  1/8” hose (barbed), 12-15 PSI
 O2 control system  Microprocessor PID
 O2 Sensor  Galvanic Cell Type
 O2 gas purity  99.5
 O2 Range  3-20%
 SIZE  80 Ltrs  180 Ltrs
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU