Bio Gene Bring Large Capacity Refrigerated Blood Bag Centrifuge for High through put Blood Bank, Blood centers for coagulation testing, platelet Plasma. BioGene Floor Type  Blood Centrifuge Low  Speed Larger Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge  can centrifuge Bottles, Blood  Tubes and blood bags in the  Bucket, Insert Type swing out Rotors Available for such application. 

Separation of Blood components RBC, Erythrocytes, WBC, Monocytes, Basophils Plasma Protein, Hormones  etc.


  • BioGene Centrifuge Imported variable frequency drive High Torque, automatic control system, reliable operation.
  • Refrigeration System Tecumseh compressor 
  • High Precision Temperature  controls
  • Large Volume Rotors.
  • Multiple Safety as Overheat, Speed, Imbalance, Auto Locks.
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, Steel Structure. 
  • Multiple Protections 
  • Overheat
  • Speed
  • Electronic locking and imbalance.
  • Advance Controller TFT 
  • True color LCD Microprocessor Based Large screen touch screen.
  • 16 Programs control Parameters of the Reselection of Rotors between programs.
  • Flexibility to change programs, 10 levels of speed up speed down (0-10 levels) time for the user to choose freely.
  • Direct Drive
  • Brushless DC Motor
  • TFT Touch screen
  • Electronic Lock
  • Vibration Absorption
  • Self balance function
  • PWM Controller speed control system
  • High control accuracy
  • Fast Acceleration and Deceleration Function
  • 16 set of parameter 
  • Rotor Identification & Number Display
  • Deceleration steps 10
  • Acceleration steps 10

Bio Gene Centrifuges are manufactured after a careful Expertise of 20 Years taking the utility of max use by the customer.

CENTRIFUGE BOWL : The Centrifuge Bowl is made of thick Stainless Steel with joint less construction of Deep drawn Technology.

AUTOMATIC BALANCED MOTOR Bio Gene Centrifuge has a unique feature of imbalance detection thereby the Intelligence of microprocessor positions the motor for the Uneven imbalance safety.
LID :Bio Gene Research Team has carefully designed the lid with a paramount feature of Users Safety by providing the Lid with 300% extra Impact load test.
The lid is aerosol Tight to ensure the same.
The lid is providing with Electronic and Mechanical Lock for ensured operator security as well.

OUTER BODY: Bio Gene Centrifuge has outer body made of Thick CRC Steel duly Powder Coated for a long lasting life and better exterior.  nner chambers vessel (bowl) is made of reliable steel structure of 316 stainless steel grade.

Lab application demands to have the centrifugation for determined time at the Relative Centrifugation force on the samples.
Bio Gene Centrifuge has Digital Timer to enable the User Scientist to Preset the Time from 0 to 99 Hrs 59 minutes.

Bio Gene designs enables to have the Operator friendly Feature of Microprocessor based Digital Speed Indication with Pre Set Values programmable. 

Digital Relative Centrifugal Force Indicator :
Our Centrifuge is capable to have the RCF displayed on the operation of the desired Speed automatically. 

also are important features of our Careful inputs for the Centrifuge 

Prime Mover : Alternative Current 220 volts Single phase 50Hz 10Ampheres.

Bio Gene machine have a very low noise level of 68 decibels.