Refrigerated Centrifuge

Bio Gene equipment finds wide application for conducting various quality Control, Production, researches and experiments worldwide.

Bio Gene follow stringent quality management system in all our business activities, through qualified team of proficient quality analysts.

They make sure to follow quality measures at every production stage right from procurement of raw material to final dispatch of the range. Further, the product assortment is quality inspected at all stages of production under the able guidance of our quality team.

Presently, apart from the domestic markets, Bio Gene serves the demands of clients based in USA.

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Control
  • Construction
  • Specification
  • Separation of Blood components RBC,
  • Erythrocytes,
  • WBC,
  • Monocytes,
  • Basophils Plasma Protein,
  • Hormones.
  • Blood Separation
  • Microbiological Test and Analysis
  • Cultured Cell Separation
  • Blood cell Extraction
  • Plasma, Serum Washing
  • Centrifuge has the ability to automatically adjust the total Centrifugal Force accumulated on the  
  • samples during a run irrespective of whether the rotor is run at full capacity or partial capacity,
  • such that results and yields are reproducible during each run.
  • Isolation of Lymphocytes etc.
  • Ergonomics Refrigeration System
  • Temperature  controls
  • CRC Steel finish with powder coating or stove painting.
  • Speed
  • Electronic locking and imbalance.
  • The centrifuge has memory to store over 100 programs including Time, RPM, g-force and
  • Temperature.
  • Bio Gene Refrigerated centrifuge has provision for storage of run data & data management 
  • software for transferring of data to PC.
  • Bio Gene Refrigerated centrifuge is provided automatically neutralize loading imbalance 100g and   
  • able to detect and auto shut off the centrifuge in case of excess imbalance.
  • Bio Gene Refrigerated Centrifuge is provided a quick-start manual, Help screens and easy on-board tutorial
  • videos to facilitate easy operation, standardization and maintenance.
  • Pulse Function for Small Centrifugation.
  • Variable frequency Brushless (without carbons)
  • Multiple shock absorbers, Automatic balancing
  • Electronic lid locking with automatic lid opening at end of run
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge is Supplied with balancing plates to compensate big weight difference, one set of 2 plates each of 35g and 65 g.
  • Centrifuge has provision to run from 0 min- 99 min with 1 second increment along with HOLD function.
  • The Centrifuge able to automatically detect the installed Rotor and adjust the settings according to its design limits so that accidental over speeding and damage is completed prevented. The machine has the provision of a Rotor Cycle counter with alarm to flag end of operating life, such that machine is not subject to accidental fatigue failure in the long run.
  • Direct Drive
  • Electronic Lock
  • Vibration Absorption
  • Self balance function
  • High control accuracy
  • Fast Acceleration and Deceleration Function
  • The Centrifuge has 10 Acceleration rates and 10 Deceleration rates.
  • Rotor Identification & Number Display
  • The Centrifuge has an operating temperature range of -20degC to +40degC, adjustable to 1°C.
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge has function to open and close centrifuge door automatically using button.
  • Touch screen operating controls that will be used with a gloved hand, and which displays both  
  • set and actual run conditions simultaneously. User access control and security with optional password protection.
  • Bio Gene centrifuge has in built facility for User ID tracking, Run logs, protocol tracking
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge is provided the facility  for runs with user log-in and password protection
  • The Centrifuge has flexible Timer Modes: At start, at speed, time start.
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge has facility for step runs of speed, time triplets with minimum15profiles.
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge is provided power saving and environment friendly operation such that refrigeration is auto shut off when door opens.

CONSTRUCTION-Double walled with PUF Insulation to avoid loss of Cooling

Inner Chamber:- Stainless Steel Moulded.

The Bio Gene Refrigerated centrifuge has a Stainless-steel chamber that is easy to clean and corrosion resistant with provision of both drain and condensed water collection container

CENTRIFUGE BOWL : The Centrifuge Bowl is made of thick Stainless Steel with joint less construction of Deep drawn Technology.

LID :Bio Gene Research Team has carefully designed the lid with a paramount feature of Users Safety by providing The lid is aerosol Tight to ensure the same.

OUTER BODY: Bio Gene Centrifuge has outer body made of CRC Steel duly Powder Coated for a long lasting life and better exterior.  Body material of Centrifuge C.R.C Steel Finish with Powder Coating Front Panel of centrifuge CRC Steel finish with powder coating 
DIGITAL SPEED INDICATOR :Bio Gene designs enables to have the Operator friendly Feature of Microprocessor based Digital Speed Indication with Pre Set Values programmable. 
Digital Relative Centrifugal Force Indicator : Our Centrifuge is capable to have the RCF displayed on the operation of the desired Speed automatically. 
NOISE LEVEL :Bio Gene machine have a very low noise level of 68 decibels.


  • Bio Gene Centrifuge Rotor is able to accommodate a maximum of 6 X 2000ml bottles and bucket or 12 Quintuple blood bag systems of 450 ml with filters, with SAGM bag and empty satellite bags.
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge has Wind Shielded Swinging bucket blood bank rotor with Oval metal buckets with middle partition to hold 2 blood bags each.
  • Bio Gene Centrifuge is able to run the 12 x 450 ml Blood Bags or 6 x 2000 ml bottles at over 4000 RPM/6000 xg. The machine is not experience additional vibration or noise at highest   
  • Speed at 4°C such that sample integrity is not compromised and life of machine components are not reduced in the long run.
  • Removable plastic inserts set of 2, 4 sets, to spin quadruple blood bag system 450 ml with soft filters and with provision to hold balancing weights at the sides of the insert so it will not come in contact with blood bags, supplied with one set of balancing weights
  • Removable plastic inserts with built in hook adapter to spin quintuple blood bag system of 450m1 with filters and to spin buffy coat or small volume of blood, set of 2, 4 sets
  • Removable plastic inserts to spin double blood bags with provision to hold balancing weights at the sides of the insert so it will not come in contact with blood bags, supplied with one set of balancing weights, set of 2, 4 sets.

Model No.


Maximum RPM with no load

500 to 4500

Main input

230V, Single Phase, 50Hz, 32 Amps Supply.


Swing bucket

Operating Temperature Range

20degC to +40degC, adjustable to 1°C


(L) 860 x (W) 960 x (H) 1200 mm


40 Kg. Net


Brushless(without carbons)

Noise Level

68 dB


Servo stabilizer 1OKVA of reputed brand along with centrifuge.


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU