BioGene brings easy solution to bring density based separation technique for liquid, fluids biomass etc uniform rise of centrifugal force on the vertical access by attaining programmable speed and time the Bind, Wash and Elute is established in BioGene Mini Centrifuge.

  • Microprocessor based A high speed centrifuge for medium capacity it needs to allows for Biological Fluids pathology, molecular, heamotology applications in tube and well as deepwell plate capacity for increased versatility
  • Microprocessor based  programmable centrifuge with heavy duty  motor and frequency drive.
  • Very Stable
  • Low in noise
  • No vibrations
  • CE available.
  • Bench top digital speed meter
  • Digital timer of range 0-60 minutes
  • Heavy duty ABS Plastic molded with high gloss exterior body.
  • Microprocessor based (LCD display)
  • Fitted with well balanced universal motor
  • General purpose laboratory centrifuge machine.
  • Variable speed regulator
  • Max. Speed 5200 r.p.m
  • Digital Speed Indicator
  • Programmable speed 
  • Lid lock for safe drive.
  • BioGene Mini Centrifuge microprocessor controller & programmable for pre set RPM and pre defined time.
  • Multi line LCD Display.
  • Digital RPM control: 5200
  • Time: 0-60 min
  • LID Lock
  • Stepless speed control
BioGene Mini Centrifuge are manufactured after a careful Expertise of 20 Years taking the utility of max use by the customer.

The Centrifuge Bowl is made of thick Stainless Steel with joint less construction of Deep drawn Technology.

Bio Gene Research Team has carefully designed the lid with a paramount feature of Users Safety  by providing the Lid with 300% extra Impact load test .
The lid is aerosol Tight to ensure the same.

The lid is providing with Lock for ensured operator security as well.

Rotor : BioGene rotors are fabricated of Pressure Die casted Aluminium which can be recycled and reprocessed.


Bio Gene Centrifuge has Digital Timer to enable the User Scientist to Preset the Time from 0 to 60minutes.

Preset & Process time Remaining Indication.

Bio Gene designs enables to have the Operator friendly Feature of Microprocessor based Digital Speed Indication with Pre Set Values programmable up to a MAX of 
RPM 5200. Of 35 program stage.

Our Centrifuge is capable to have the RCF displayed on the operation of the desired Speed automatically. 


Bio Gene Centrifuge has outer body made of Thick ABS Plastic for a long lasting life and better exterior.

Bio Gene machine have a very low noise level of 65 decibels

Also are important features of our Careful inputs for the Micro centrifuge.

Alternative Current 230 volts Single phase 50Hz 10Ampheres.

  • Dust cover
  • Instruction manual
  • Spare fuses
  • Spare carbon set
  • Cord & Plug to work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.C


Max Speed 5200rpm
Main input 220v , 50Hz / 110v , 60Hz
Max Speed As per Selected Rotor
Timer Digital Timer(Upto 0 to 60 minutes)
Size (W) 355 x (D) 410 x (H) 280 mm
Weight 14 Kg. Net
Motor Universal (AC/DC Carbon Brush Type)
RPM Indicator Digital Up to 5 Digits : LCD Display
Speed Regulator Step less Electronic
BTI-04 8 TUBE x 15 ML ANGULAR 5200 3300  Benchtop Centifuge