Bio Gene® Ultra Low Freezer -70,-80,-86ºC stand tall when the time taken to reach -86°C is concerned Unique cascade system of Cryogenerater, enhanced double stage temperature lift and bimetallic antimicrobial coating eliminates 99.9% surface bacteria are some of the features of Bio Gene -86ºC Deep Freezer.

Ultra Low Freezer are useful for low temperature quick freezing and storing of Vaccines, Biological and Medical Specimens, Blood Components and freezing applications. High density foamed-in-place polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation for minimal cooling losses. Temperature range: -50ºC to -86ºC.

Ultra Low Freezer widely used in Universities, microbiology, genetic, biotech, restaurant, bakeries, catering, chemical, pharmaceutical Process, concrete cooling, fish, poultry processing, fruit& vegetable cooling, hospitals, laboratories, physiotherapy, super markets, canned food industries, frozen meat processing.

Micro controller based deep freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for advanced medical and industrial applications. Use includes prevention of plasma, related blood components, vaccines, microorganism, and testing of materials and electronic components at desired low temperature. The System includes micro controller based temperature controller with digital temperature display of set value and process value. This ultra Low Temperature Research Cabinet is Micro Controller based Deep Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for advanced medical and industrial applications. Deep Freezers are used to preserve, vaccines, microorganism, and testing of materials and electronic components at desired low temperature -50?C to -86 ?C Deep Freezers are designed fabricated & tested to suit various applications in growing field of Industrial, Medical, Agricultural, and Research Laboratories etc.  

  • High density foamed-in-place polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation for minimal cooling losses.
  • Evenly spread evaporator accounts for higher temperature uniformities throughout the cooling chamber.
  • Wireless Data monitering/SMS Alert (Optional) 
  • Specially designed Deep Freezer Upright Latches to keep the door tightly locked eliminating chances of any cooling loss.
  • Outer made of powder coated CRC Steel Sheet. 
  • Inner chamber and trays made of Stainless Steel (SS-304).
  • Caster wheel mounted for easy mobility. 
  • Upright Vertical Model independent double door unit with four compartments.
  • Service valves provided to allow easy recovery of refrigerants and field servicing.
  • Front to back airflow with removable, cleanable air filter.
  • Low noise level (less than 55 DBA)
  • Fitted with Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum-Controller.



  • Microprocessor control system with enhanced electronic technology
  • Microprocessor control, digital display


  • Bio Gene System has digital display with Controlling. 


  • Door outer one solid steel  with keyed door lock handle  
  • Inner Doors:- Transparent  
  • Audio visual alarm at eye level.
  • Hermetically sealed compressor with CFC free refrigerant.
  • Cooling coils is distributed all around the chamber and lies in the air circulation path.
  • Sensor failure alarm.
  • Alarm for high/low set parameters.
  • Electrical circuit breaker.
  • Time delay for compressor switch on.
  • Overload cut of relay for compressor.
  • Cascade cooling system with one hermetic compressor.
  • Digital Micro processor 
  • Compartments, for better sample protection through minimum sample warming. 
  • Actual temperature LED display for better visibility.
  • Multiple Dual Layered insulated 
  • Inner doors for easy accessibility to crucial samples.
  • Vacuum insulation panel for maximum storage.
  • Bio Gene Deep Freezer has vacuum relief port and front panel filter.
  • Upright ultra Deep Freezer -86°C ( maintain -860C at ambient temp up to 320C), include NON- CFC REFRIGERANTS
  • Double Compressor 2-stage cascade cooling system technology. With at least 4-5 Compartments with individual Magnetic door. stainless steel drawers (total 12 drawers)
  • 5” (127mm) non-CFC foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation; 4.5” in door provide best temperature uniformity of less than or equal to (≤) 4 oC
  • New latch and handle for ergonomic handling and one hand operation with padlock capability
  • Triple -sealing silicone door gasket provides air-tight seal without heat Reduces ice build-up, easier to maintain and  Prevents leakage of ambient air into freezing chamber
  • Temperature Hold Time during Power Failure: Minimum 5 Hours or longer from -86 °C to -50 °C
  • Warm up time: 3 Hours (Time to reach from -80 to -50 Degree celsius)
  • Two 10” tube axial fans to provide maximum cooling of the compressor housing, even one Fan fails, Com pressor Keeps on Cooling by another Fan (Double protection)
  • Heavy-duty dual wheel swivel locking casters.
  • Automatic voltage compensator responds to high and low voltages
  • Automatic vent port for easy door opening and Easy re-entry after door openings
  • RS485/USB output for data transfer,
  • Temperature recovery time: less than 30-40 Minutes after 1minute complete open-door activity including inner doors.
  • Automatic Reset: Microprocessor controller to protect the system from failure caused by Power Spikes. (Auto-Voltage Safeguard: Buck/Boost System)
  • Front to back airflow with Removable, cleanable air filter, hinged grill swings out for easy access to filter and battery
  • A vacuum relief port allows easy re-entry after door openings
  • Single RTD based PT1000 (1000-ohm Platinum RTD) for chamber temperature control and monitoring. 


  • Inner Chamber made of Stainless Steel, 304 Grade, and duly Polished. 
  • Outer made of cooled rolled steel cabinet, powder coated.  
  • 5 inner doors with tight sealing tp prevent temperature loss and outer door has reinforced tight sealing.
  • 5 inner storage compartments with insulated door and adjustable hight.
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation (PUF).  
  • Heavy Duty Castor wheels for easy movement. 
  • Separate sample port for easy access through wall.
  • Coated with antimicrobial coating eliminates 99.9% surface bacteria within 24 hrs
  • 100% HCFC/CFC free refrigerant.
  • Magnetic door lock, latch able inner door with magnetic lock. Handle, lock and magnetic gasket for door. 
  • Two 10” tube axial fans to provide maximum cooling of the compressor housing.
  • Bio Gene deep freezer has audio and video alarm facility for high/low temperature, low battery and power failure.
  • Temperature data printer 
  • Temp. Maintain – 86°C up to 40°C
  • Compressor 2 x 1 HP Cascade System
  • Bio Gene deep freezer has cascade refrigerator for minimizing cool air loss.
  • Password Protection
  • Bio Gene Deep freezer have microprocessor controller for temperature and alarms with non-volatile memory.
  • Secure inner doors with reduced cold air loss and improved temperature recovery after door opening.
  • Bio Gene Deep Freezer. Shelves are made of stainless steel. Power Supply: Single phase. 220-240 Volts, Frequency 50 Hz. 
  • Bio Gene Deep Freezer is ISO, CE, GMP certified.
  • Bio Gene Deep Freezer has security key lock with additional padlock facility.
  • Power Consumption of freezer: 11 kw/day.




  • Double stage refrigeration system for temperature up -50°C up to -86°C
  • Programmable operating temperature from -50°C up to -86°C with 1°C increment at 32°C maximum ambient operating temperature.
  • Single stage refrigeration (cascade system) for temperatures below -50°C. 
  • Highly energy efficient with energy consumption around 8.3 KWh/day (0.54 KWh/ft3) When freezer is at -80°C and 5.7 KWh/day (0.37KWh/ft3) when freezer is at -70°C
  • Hermetically sealed make compressor. 
  • compressor safety as HighPressure Cutout Switch, High Temp Cutout Switch, Current protection
  • In-Built RS485, 4-20mA, Dry Contactsfor provisioning remote alarm system.  
  • CFC free refrigerant filled. 
  • Fin and tube type air-cooled condenser.
  • warm up time (freezer 2/3 full, from -85°C to 0°) of 36 hrs: 8 hrs for wrm up from -85°C to -50°C, when freezer is 2/3rd full or more.
  • (One) Minute door recovery (after opening) to -70 degree Celsius less than 30 min.


















-50ºC ˜ -86ºC


Temperature Accuracy



Control Panel

Microprocessor Based PID Controller/HMI Based Controller (Optional)



Audio Visual Alarm with malfunction Error









2 (Rear)



1 Solid TYPE


Voltage Stabilizer



Capacity Liters