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BioGene Fermenters can Grow almost any cell type With a wide range of vessels and impellers, including
Customized options, fermentation and bioreactor systems have the Capacity to grow virtually any cell type: whether it’s anaerobic or aerobic microbes, yeast, Insect, plant 

Microbial cells have sturdy cell walls, and tend to clump together. 

They withstand rigorous treatment, require large amounts of air, and need shearing impellers to break apart the clumps.

Mammalian cells have no cell walls and are fragile and sensitive.

Vessels for these cells come equipped with impellers that gently mix the media and minimize shearing.

  • Temperature Control System
  • Microprocessor Based Automated Heat Exchanger
  • Automatic Agitation system
  • Automatic Exhaust System
  • The exhaust port on the Bio Gene fermenter is connected to atmosphere through Single Round 0.2 μ Sterilizable grade air filter and SS316L Housing.
  • Cooling Condenser is provided to condense escaping moisture.  
  • Automatic ASME Compliance Bio Gene design in accordance with ASME Code. Filter area is designed as per the optimal pressure drop requirements.
  • Automatic Aeration System
  • Bio Gene Bio ferm air inlet port(s) of the Fermenter is connected to the air line through a sterilizable grade 0.2 μ air filters. 
  • Automatic pH / ORP Control System 
  • Automatic Redox Monitoring and Control
  • Automatic Sampling System
  • Automatic Harvesting System
  • Automatic Nutrient Feed
  • Foam Control System 
  • Touch Screen Automation and Control
  • State of Art Control Cabinet 


  • Bio Gene uses state of Art Latest technology
  • Bio Gene BioDASCADA Software
  • Batch Recipe system, Batch creation & Initialization.
  • Display of all parameters of all reactors in the same page with pop-up set point window
  • Display of minute wise updates of all configured parameters, pH, DO, Flow, Pressure, Temp., RPM Error display and control page.
  • Bio Gene BioFerm SCADA Software 
  • Bio Gene controller with variable 8 process microprocessor based advance controller

Alarms & Signals

  • Culture medium temperature control (Range: 5 – 70oC; Precision  0.01oC)
  • Culture medium pH control
  • agitation rate control
  • Foam level control
  • Air Flow control
  • High/Low temperature audiovisual signal
  • High/Low pH audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-agitation rate audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-PO2 audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-Air flow rate audiovisual signal
  • High - Foam Audiovisual signal
  • Top Driven Magnetic Drive
  • Contamination free stirrer assembly with shaft
  • Gaskets / O-rings Silicon & EPDM
  • Height Adjustable 6 Blade Ruston Turbine-2 Nos., 
  • Baffles  4 Nos. Removable Type Material SS316L
  • The shaft is equipped with 3 No., 6 blade rushton turbine impeller with height adjustment facility and run on top driven agitator. Diameter of impeller is 0.40 times the inner diameter of the Fermenter. The agitator will include motor, agitator shaft with impellers, drive, mounting flange, variable frequency controller, Magnetic Drive/Double mechanical seal and driver support structure.
  • Baffles are also provided to break the vortex formation. Agitator will be suitable for the range of specified operations and ambient conditions and for variable speed operations controlled by an independent control loop.
  • MOC for the Impellers and shaft will be SS 316 L with a surface finish of Ra < 0.5 μ and fully electro polished. 
  • Bio Gene design in accordance with ASME Code. Filter area is designed as per the optimal pressure drop requirements.
  • The SS 316 L filter housings are provided with tri-clamp connections to allow removal of the housings. The Sparger in the fermenter is connected to Air line.
  • A pH sensor is provided on the fermenter for monitoring and controlling the pH of the contents of fermenter system. The Fermenter is provided with Peristaltic Pump for dosing acid and alkali stock solutions through food grade silicon tubing with autoclavable septum port assembly, responding to signal from online gel-filled pH sensor based on the pH set point. Addition of acid and alkali stock solutions achieves pH control in the fermenter.
  • Sampling system consists of a zero dead leg manual sampling valve with Unique sampling assembly with zero dead leg.
  • Peristaltic pumps (Positive displacement pump) are provided for nutrient feeding. Pumps can be controlled to feed nutrient based upon level based feeding, through automatic peristaltic pump feeding program module in SCADA and HMI.
  • The Fermenter is provided with a Peristaltic Pump for dosing antifoam solution into the Fermenter, responding to signal from conductivity based SS-316L electrode foam sensor. Also gives automatic alarm.
  • The Fermenter consists of a zero dead leg flush Bottom valve,  provided on the bottom dish of the Fermenter vessel. 
  • The exhaust port on the Bio Gene fermenter is connected to atmosphere through Single Round 0.2 μ Sterilizable grade air filter and SS316L Housing.
  • Cooling Condenser is provided to condense escaping moisture.  
Gross Volume | Working Vol 5L | Up to 4L
Type Autoclavable
Aspect Ratio 1:2
Design Guidance Vessel
Design Code ASME Section VIII Div. BPE 2009
Working pressure Full vacuum to 3 Kg/cm2
Design Pressure Full Vacuum to 3.5 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Test Pressure Full Vacuum to 5.0 Kg/cm2
Working Temperature 10  to 140 deg. C
Design Temperature 0 to 150 deg. C
Material of Construction
Gaskets/ O-rings Silicon & EPDM
Inner & External Surface 220 grit Finished & double mirror polished Ra0.5m
Drive Top Driven Magnetic Drive
Impellers 6 Blade Ruston Turbine-2 Nos, 
Baffles 4 Nos. Removable
RPM 0-1500 RPM
Motor type Standard DC motor 
In Head Plate for Feeding (Acid, base, antifoam and nutrients)
Inoculation-Septum port
Air exhaust
Foam Sensor
pH Sensor
OD Sensor
DO Sensor
Sampling valve
Temperature sensor
Designed for 1.0 VVM
Sparger Ring type sparger with bottom perforations|Microsparger
Air filters 0.2 micron filter| Exhaust-0.2 micron filter
Air Filters Operating Pressure Upto 3 Barg
Air Volume Measurement Variable Area Flow meter (Rotameter) (TWO SETS)
Air Exhaust Reflux condenser that can efficiently handle a volume of out flowing air 
Air Flow control Automatic Control with Pneumatic control valve
Thermal Circuit
Temperature control With heat exchanger and circulation pump, temperature gauge, and all required valves to be connected to water supply.
Temperature Control
Type PID
Measurement Range 0-150 deg C
Control Range 05-80 deg C
Measurement  precision + 0.1 °C
Control precision + 0.2 °C (up to 40° C)
Temp. sensor Pt.-100, 25mm, SS-316 port
RPM Control  
RPM range 0-1500 RPM
DC drive Electronic Frequency Control, Fully Automatic
Accuracy 1 rpm
pH Control  
pH Sensor Gel filled autoclavable probe
Measure Precision ± 0.01 pH
Control Precision ± 0.1 pH
Type Fully Automatic with Alarm Function
Range 0-14 pH
Timer Acid and Base Timer
Peristaltic Pump 2
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU