Insitu Fermenter

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Vessel Head Plate
Grow almost any cell type − With a wide range of vessels and impellers, including Customized options, fermentation and bioreactor systems have the Capacity to grow virtually any cell type: whether it’s anaerobic or aerobic microbes, yeast, Insect, plant. The fourth major phase of microbial growth in a batch Bio Reaction process Microbial cells have sturdy cell walls, and tend to clump together. They withstand rigorous treatment, require large amounts of air, and need shearing impellers to break apart the clumps. Mammalian cells have no cell walls and are fragile and sensitive. Vessels for these cells come equipped with impellers that gently mix the media and minimize shearing. 

  • Temperature Control System
  • Microprocessor Based HMI + SCADA
  • Automatic Agitation system
  • Automatic Exhaust System
  • The exhaust port on the Bio Gene fermenter is connected to atmosphere through Single Round 0.2 μ Sterilizable grade air filter and SS316L Housing.
  • Cooling Condenser is provided to condense escaping moisture.
  • Automatic ASME Compliance Bio Gene design in accordance with ASME Code. Filter area is designed as per the optimal pressure drop requirements.
  • Automatic Aeration System
  • Bio Gene Bio ferm air inlet port(s) of the Fermenter is connected to the air line through a sterilizable grade 0.2 μ air filters. 
  • Automatic pH / ORP Control System 
  • Automatic Redox Monitoring and Control
  • Automatic Sampling System
  • Automatic Harvesting System
  • Automatic Nutrient Feed
  • Foam Control System 
  • Touch Screen Automation and Control
  • State of Art Control Cabinet 


  • Bio Gene uses state of Art Latest technology
  • Bio Gene BioDA SCADA Software
  • Batch Recipe system, Batch creation & Initialization.
  • Display of all parameters of all reactors in the same page with pop-up set point window
  • Display of minute wise updates of all configured parameters, pH, DO, Flow, Pressure, Temp., RPM Error display and control page.
  • Bio Gene BioFerm SCADA Software 
  • Bio Gene controller with variable 8 process microprocessor based advance controller
  • Alarms & Signals
  • Culture medium temperature control (Range: 5 – 70oC; Precision  0.01oC)
  • Culture medium pH control
  • agitation rate control
  • Foam level control
  • Air Flow control
  • High/Low temperature audiovisual signal
  • High/Low pH audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-agitation rate audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-PO2 audiovisual signal
  • High/Low-Air flow rate audiovisual signal
  • High - Foam Audiovisual signal


Microprocessor Based  Vertical Sterilization unit is Double walled units. 

INNER CHAMBER.: Microprocessor Based  Vertical Sterilization unit is Double walled units. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade.

OUTER CHAMBER.: The Outer body of our  Vertical Sterilization unit  is constructed out of stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. Microprocessor based Vertical Sterilization unit are insulated from inside with Thick Glass Wool insulation. 

  • The strong lid constructed out of thick steel plate which is lined from inside with Stainless steel sheet of Stainless Steel -304 grade.

  • The Lid has a Double safety radial locking arrangement at 450C intervals with Steel rectangular Arms, which ensures an easy and smooth opening and closing operation.

  • Controller comes with a capability of Time controls dual display.
  • The Timer comes with 0 – 99 minutes or more up to 999 minutes for the Sterilization time.
  • Timer for the programmed and Present Value display PV and SV is a standard feature.
  • External vertical panel’s stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. 
  • Microprocessor based Vertical Sterilization unit are ideally suited for hospitals and research labs where safety is the first priority of the users, since it is equipped with a Double safety steam release valve. At the same time we test all our autoclaves for up to 2.5 times the standard working pressure to ensure maximum safety and protection from any unfortunate incident.
All our  Vertical Sterilization unit are supplied complete with :
A,  Pressure Gauge, 
B,  Pressure Release Valve 
C, Stainless Steel Basket.
D,  Pedal Lifted Device
E, Water Indicator.
F, Steam Release Cock.
G, Spring loaded safety valve.
H, Heating element.
I,   Power Cord.
As a standard feature.

Microprocessor based  Vertical Sterilization unit heating process in our  Vertical Sterilization unit is done through specially designed Stainless Steel Tubular water heaters of ISI Grade with suitable wattage to ensure optimum sterilization time in every sterilization cycle.

The Boiler of Bio Gene  Vertical Sterilization unit  Double walled  Vertical Sterilization unit the made of 304 Grade 12 Gauge. 

Bio Gene Vertical autoclave has Inlet & Out less water device controlled by good quality brass valve.

Microprocessor based  Vertical Sterilization unit as per the international standards and guidelines our vertical autoclaves have a working temperature of 1210c - 1340c. 
Bio Gene  Vertical Sterilization unit has Digital Temperature controller with inbuilt timer that will cut off the heaters automatically after lapse of pre set time at the pre set temperature.

Microprocessor based  Vertical Sterilization unit  Working pressure for our standard model 
Vertical Sterilization unit is 5 - 22 PSI; however this can be upgraded to be used for higher pressures of up to 30 psi… at an additional cost.

Microprocessor based  Vertical Sterilization unit Normal pressure range of our autoclave is 5 psi to 22 psi.

  • Microprocessor based  Vertical Sterilization unit
  • The pressure inside our  Vertical Sterilization unit is controlled through a semi automatic 
  • electro mechanical device called pheziostat , which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts of the current from the heater whenever the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the autoclave, thus making it very safe and energy efficient. The pressure valve is mounted on the outer surface of the Autoclave lid.

  • Bio Gene Autoclave comes with automatic pressure switch to give efficient sterilization for desired material 
  • The operation are operator friendly there by reducing fatigue.
  • It is a the most important safety feature which gets activated in case of malfunctioning of the pressure system
  • Safety valve is mounted the lid which gets ejected in case of pressure failure.
  • This semi automatic device can be incorporated with the standard models of our  Vertical Sterilization unit which helps the user to set the sterilization time of the system and do other tasks without bothering to monitor the sterilization cycle. This device cut off the current from the main system when the set value for a given sterilization cycle is attained and gives a loud audio alarm.
BINS/ Basket
  • Stainless steel 304 grade Stainless steel bins/ basket are provided along with the Bio Gene Autoclave as a standard accessory  
  • Microprocessor Based PID controls for the SV Set Value and the PV Present Value is a standard feature in our machines.
Vertical Sterilization unit used for sterilization under saturated steam pressure at any selected point between 15 to 20 psi 
These units have inner chamber (Boiler) made of stainless steel (SS – 304 grade).
Outer wall is covered with Mild Steel.
Thick steel lid is tightened by radial locking system and can be lifted through a pedal lifted device for user comfort.
Easy lift and closing of the lid by manual assisted support.
Castors for ease of movement.
Flexible sensor enables in-situ control and monitoring of cycles.
Microprocessor controller which provides high control accuracy along with user level.
Flexibility for sterilizing various types of loads efficiently.
Low water indication.
Spring loaded safety valve for over pressure.
Pressure interlock on door.
Audio & Visual alarms for sensor open and low water level.
Independent over temperature safety cut out.
Fitted with joint less Silicon gasket which ensure efficient sterilization without the loss of pressure and reduces the running cost of the equipment.
Unique single lever lock for lid with single hand operation.
Systems are hydraulically tested up to 40 psi, as a safety measure.
Every chamber is hydrostatically tested as per standards.
Vertical Sterilization unit are fitted with standard accessories such as water indicator, pressure gauge, steam release cock, spring loaded safety valve, pedal lifting device and heating element.
Water level indicator with automatic low water level cut off device is provided as a standard accessory.
Internal Chamber and lid along with all parts fabricated from Stainless Steel.
Single lever closure system with Silicone or neoprene Gasket.
Water inlet and drain valves.
Space between boiler and outer shell works as Insulator.
Supplied complete with Stainless Steel basket, cord and plug.

  • BIOGENE Vertical Sterilization unit is capable of being stored continuously in ambient   temperature of 0-500C and relative humidity of 15-90%.
  • BIOGENE  Vertical Sterilization unit is capable of operating in ambient temperature of 20-50 0C and relative humidity of less than 70%


Gross Volume | Working Vol 10L | 25L | 40L | 60L | 100L | 200L
Type Autoclavable
Aspect Ratio 1:2
Design Guidance Vessel
Design Code ASME Section VIII Div. BPE 2009
Working pressure Full vacuum to 3 Kg/cm2
Design Pressure Full Vacuum to 3.5 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Test Pressure Full Vacuum to 5.0 Kg/cm2
Working Temperature 10  to 140 deg. C
Design Temperature 0 to 150 deg. C
Material of Construction
Gaskets/ O-rings Silicon & EPDM
Inner & External Surface 220 grit Finished & double mirror polished Ra0.5m
Drive Top Driven Magnetic Drive
Impellers 6 Blade Ruston Turbine-2 Nos, 
Baffles 4 Nos. Removable
RPM 0-1500 RPM
Motor type Standard DC motor 
In Head Plate for Feeding (Acid, base, antifoam and nutrients)
Inoculation-Septum port
Air exhaust
Foam Sensor
pH Sensor
OD Sensor
DO Sensor
Sampling valve
Temperature sensor
Designed for 1.0 VVM
Sparger Ring type sparger with bottom perforations|Microsparger
Air filters 0.2 micron filter| Exhaust-0.2 micron filter
Air Filters Operating Pressure Upto 3 Barg
Air Volume Measurement Variable Area Flow meter (Rotameter) (TWO SETS)
Air Exhaust Reflux condenser that can efficiently handle a volume of out flowing air 
Air Flow control Automatic Control with Pneumatic control valve
Thermal Circuit
Temperature control With heat exchanger and circulation pump, temperature gauge, and all required valves to be connected to water supply.
Temperature Control
Type PID
Measurement Range 0-150 deg C
Control Range 05-80 deg C
Measurement  precision + 0.1 °C
Control precision + 0.2 °C (up to 40° C)
Temp. sensor Pt.-100, 25mm, SS-316 port
RPM Control  
RPM range 0-1500 RPM
DC drive Electronic Frequency Control, Fully Automatic
Accuracy 1 rpm
pH Control  
pH Sensor Gel filled autoclavable probe
Measure Precision ± 0.01 pH
Control Precision ± 0.1 pH
Type Fully Automatic with Alarm Function
Range 0-14 pH
Timer Acid and Base Timer
Peristaltic Pump 2
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU