Battery Test Chamber

Safety Features and Options

•External Lights - externally mounted lights eliminates potential spark source
•Temperature Limited Sheath Heaters - Standard ni-chrome wire heaters can reach temperatures of +540°C (+1000°F).
•Temperature is set below ignition temp. of gases.
•Protective Enclosure/Structure - External structure that would contain any fire or explosion
•Non Sparking Fan Blades or Blower Wheels - Prevents sparking/explosion
•Reinforced Chamber Floor - To support weight of heavy product and extreme temperature
•LN2 Test Article Surface Cooling - Used to cool cells or packs if they overheat

-may help prevent thermal runaway

Touchscreen Controller
The Next Generation Controller with Smartphone Technology
All features are built into the controller interface so no additional software or internet is required for access to all the features the controller has to offer.

Communications & Connectivity

•Monitor and/or Control the chamber remotely for anytime, anywhere access from any device using LAN VNC.
•Alarm notification sends email and/or text messages.
•Email built-in to send data, alarm, audit trail files directly from controller
•Ethernet TCP/IP, EIA-232, EIA-485 communications


•Profiling includes up to 99 steps and 1000 cycles.
•Program ramp steps entering time or °C/min.
•Programs may be written using product control function.
•Easily review profile using trend chart or review list of steps before running n profile.
•Profile status view displays current step, estimated start/stop date and time and more.•Profiles may be transferred to different chambers via USB or optional EZ-View software
•Automated delay profile start. 

Data Logging

•Configurable log interval, data file length, filename, operator entered batch & lot information as well as an unlimited number of operator notes saved to the data file.
•Access data files directly from controller or PC.
•Easily download profiles, alarm files, audit trail files and data files using USB or email from controller in a compatible .csv file format for ease of use. Also import profiles to other chambers saving valuable profile entry time.
•Files may also be automatically backed up daily for hassle-free file management using FTP. FTP/FileWeb/DataWeb (LAN/WAN). 

User Convenience & Flexibility

•Controller may be configured in 28 languages
•Selectable power failure/recovery options.
•Full system security allows up to 30 different users with four different levels of security.
•Audit trail files track changes in settings by each user.|
•Configure alarm setting and maintenance alerts. 

Graphing Technology

•Real-time trend display graph with adjustable time and min/max values.
•Up to eight configurable trend graphs with left & right axi
•? Graph historical data files•? Zoom in/out of graphs for a closer look. 

Enhanced Communications & Control Options

•Digital input option provides 8 inputs that can be configured for various control functions including starting, stopping and pausing a profile. “Wait for” function allows the user to pause a profile during a particular step of the profile until a specific digital input is turned on or off.
•Digital output “customer event” feature provides 15 programmable outputs. Each output can be configured to perform other operations including alarm or profile status indicators for more control over your testing.
•Optional refrigeration monitor package displays and data logs temperatures and refrigeration system compressor suction/discharge pressures.
•Condensation control option helps prevent condensation from collecting on the part by automatically managing the air dewpoint.
•Bar code option allows user to scan barcode to start profile and to add notes to current data file when datalogging.



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