-80 C Deep Freezer

BioGene Plasma Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of Plasma, and test samples. The instruments outer body is made of heavy gauge Mild steel duly powder coated with stainless Steel (304) Inner Chamber. This unit Designed to maintain a stable and uniform temperature of up to -80°C. The user-friendly design includes a built-in Stainless steel insulated inner door, and simple calibration is possible via the control panel. Ensures that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them.

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Deep Freezer are widely used in

  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities & Lab
  • PRP Gravimetric analysis 
  • Laboratories
  • Research Centers Universities
  • Blood Bank & plasma Bank
  • TFT touch screen display.
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • 7 Days chart recorder, with a battery backup for 2 hours (OPTIONAL AT EXTRA COST)
  • No ice formation in the area around the wells and in the retention gaskets.
  • Electronic recorder and bar code reader, also possible to set a work schedule for single batch freezing
  • Internal temperature during the loading phase of the plasma bags.
  • Safety system to avoid negative temperature
  • Provision for visibility of item stored
  • CFC and HCFC Free
  • External Voltage Stabilizer
  • Triple gasket (Absolute retention guarantee against air entry) in silicon rubber with welded joints.
  • The refrigerant system should be completely sealed: it uses a cascade circuit
  • 2 hermetic compressors.
  • Provision of reading and recording up to a maximum of 8PT 100 channels.
  • Enabled with a clean digital input for synchronizing the start of recording with the start of the unit abatement
  • Historization cycles /Codes on SD card-export of cycles/codes via USB port
  • The geometry of the wells is conical, to simplify extraction and formation of the solid bag.
  • Quality of frozen plasma, the recovery of 96% fibrinogen and 81% of concentration of factor VIII. 

Human Machine Interface with TFT touch screen display.

The adapted principal of thermal exchange, in this case, does not use a cold bath at -40 ° C, but -80° C surfaces, with which the bags are in direct contact.

Freezing time :< 45 minutes for 24 bags (450ml).

  • BioGene Freezer for 24 bags is a Horizontal Freezer, where the plasma bags are placed in Horizontal/vertical position.
  • Under counter solid, self-closing door maintains optimal storage conditions and is field-reversible
  • Material: Inner corrosion free, stainless steel
  • Outer: The Outer body of Bio Gene Deep Freezer is made of Heavy Duty galvanized steel body with duly tough powder coated.
  • Recessed floor contains spills for easy clean up and maintain integrity of other stored products
  • Key lock, settings security and optional access control
  • The surface of the wells to be smooth and made of glazed Inbox AISI 304 steel, without edges, and therefore permits the safe storage against accidental breaks or bumps of the bags.
  • Internal case made of 6 wells
  • The gap between outer body and inner chamber is filled with PUF/VIP insulation.


Bio Gene

 Model No.





Nominal Storage Capacity, Blood Bags*

24 pcs

Inter Case

6 wells

Control System

Microprocessor Based PID controller

Freezing Time

< 45 minutes for 24 bags (450 ml)

Safety System

Lockable On-Off Key

Temperature Display

TFT LCD Display Human Machine Interface with TFT touch screen display. (Not affected by power cut)

Temperature Reading and Setting Sensitivity


Temperature Sensor

8 PT -100

Temperature Range


Power Failure Alarm

Audible and Visual

Door Alarm

Audible and Visual

Drawer Structure

65 dB

Isolation (CFC free)

High Density Injected Polyurethane


Triple layer rubber gasket fitted exterior door

Circular Temperature Recorder


Historization cycles

codes via USB port

Inner Surface Structure

Stainless Steelsss

External Surface Structure And Quality

Powder Coated

Caster Wheel

4 Nos (2 Caster Lockable)

Number of Compressor


Power Supply

230 V - 50 Hz


External Voltage Stabilizer

An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU