Bio Gene QUADRA Growth Chamber has 4 chambers. Compact rugged design Temperature of each chamber can be controlled independently which allow to process incubation at different temperature condition at the same time to save incubation time and cost. Capability provides various incubation and test condition needs temperature vs time vs light programming. Useful for bacteria incubation or comparison test of samples such as food packaging at different temperature condition.

  • Genetically modification of plant
  • Agriculture crops
  • High Plant Yield Generation
  • Biological studies of plant physiology 
  • Biochemistry of nutrients 
  • Crop Motivation engineering
  • Photo synthesis engineering Bio process
  • Plant Modification and Bio process
  • Crop Genetic research. 
  • Plant Pathology analysis.


Temperature - Quadra Growth Chamber Temperature Range:  0°C to 70°C.

  • Digital PID Controller
  • ±0.1°C Digital PID Controller with LED Display
  • Automatic START/STOP timer
  • Adjustable timer scale 99min 59sec / 99hr 59min / 99day 23hr or continuous operation
  • Temperature calibration
  • Auto-tuning function Durable epoxy powder coated metallic casing,
  • Class A Pt-100 Ω sensor


  • Inner body made up of heavy gauge Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 304 grade. 
  • Outer Body made up of rust proof mild steel elegantly epoxy powder coated.
  • Durable Stainless Steel 304 Sheath Heater and Copper-Aluminum fin evaporator.
  • Tempered safety inner glass window on the door including  PVC coated  wire shelf Built-in caster for easy Transport.
  • Quadra chamber with four independent doors and temperature controllers, Dual over temp, cut-off.
  • Separate heating and cooling compartment for easy maintenance.
  • Cooling system with hermetically sealed compressor.
  • Bio Gene Refrigerated Incubator Each chamber has double walled double door. 
  • Forced circulation for excellent thermal  Uniformity ± 0.7°c at 37.0°C 
  • Outer door made up of rust proof mild steel elegantly powder coated lined. 
  • Outer door with self adhesive magnetic door closer lock & key arrangement.
  • Inner glass door with high density silicone packing and air-tight door lock.
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 304 Chamber with seamless allows easy decontamination and prevents leakage
  • One 6.0 Amps power receptacle inside the chamber. = one X 4 chamber 
  • Castor for easy movement. 
  • Individual Lock and key for door.
  • Removable and height adjustable shelf.











Four chambers, QUADRA



Independent PID control




Forced Air Convection with EBM PLAST Germany Blower




CFC Free air cooled hermetically sealed compressor Tecumseh Danfoss



Temp. Range

0°C ~ 70°C 



Chamber Volume & Dimensions








Chamber Volume 125L x 4 Chamber

4 Doors


Dimensions Inner W x D x H mm

500 x 500 x 500 /

 chamber Outer 1365

x 830 x 1815




± 0.2°C at 37.0°C




Forced circulation for excellent thermal  Uniformity ± 0.7°c at 37.0°C




Digital PID Control




Class A Pt-100 Ω Sensor








Dual (Digital & Analog)



Over-Temperature Cut-Off



Digital Over cooling Cut-Off



Audible visual alarm



Sensor disconnecting alarm




Over-current Cut-Off protection



Air Quality

Class 100 A comparable




02 removable adjustable trays / 03 shelves




Temperature, Time




Body - Epoxy Powder Coated Steel




Chamber – Stainless Steel 304




Inner Glass Door : with aluminum frame QTY 04 NOS




Outer door made up of rust proof mild steel elegantly powder coated lined. QTY 04 NOS



Heater Capacity

4 x 900W,




Shelf Perforated/ Wire mesh V




Heavy Duty Lockable Castor Wheel




AC-230±10% V 50/60Hz 1-Phase



Plug config.

CEE 7/7 SCHUKO or BS 1363




Shelves  2/ light bulbs




Compatible voltage Servo stabilizer in built