Glycol Bath Circulator

Bio Gene series of Glycol Bath Circulator is equipped with a microprocessor Based PID control system With Circulating pump, it can let the Glycol liquid flow off from the tank and thus establish a constant-temperature field.

Bio Gene Provides users a working Environment where Cool or Hot Temperatures is controlled according to the application at uniform temperature.

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Bio Gene series of Glycol Bath Circulator are designed to meet the requirement for the precision constant-temperature in the Bath where experiments on fluids, Oils relating to research are being carried out related to, Biology, Physics, Medicine, Chemical Industry And Other Departments. 

  • Digital Resolution:0.01ºC、0.001ºC Optional
  • Temperature Stability:±0.002~±0.02 Optional
  • Temperature Range: - 40ºC- 100ºC
  • CFC-free refrigeration hermetic compressor energy saving
  • Power-off protection automatically delay three minutes
  • Large LCD screen display.
  • Circulating pump, maintain constant temperature, menu driven outside.
  • The tank or cooling experimental device outside the tank
  • High-quality hermetic compressor cooling system automatic Overload protection
  • PID Control. 
  • Microprocessor based PID Controller.
  • Upper and lower temperature alarm can be set
  • Inner made by high quality stainless steel material
  • Deviation of the temperature measurements can be amend.
  • Temperature accuracy is up to 0.01ºC.


  • Microprocessor PID Controls
  • Confirm to ISO:13485
  • CE,EN, 60601;1
  • Digital Resolution:0.01℃、0.001℃ Optional
  • Temperature Stability:±0.002~±0.02 Optional
  • Temperature Range: - 40ºC- 100ºC
  • Bio Gene Glycol Bath circulator are double walled convection heated units. 
  • Outer body of our Glycol Bath circulator is constructed out of thick Stainless Steel sheet of SS 304 Grade steel.
  • Inside chamber of the unit is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of grade ss-304. 
  • The unit is provided with top opening cover, made of stainless steel.  
  • The Glycol Bath circulator is provided with one stainless steel Diffuser racks.

Indirect heating system is provided in our water bath, comprising of heaters made of high grade Kanthal A-1 wires of suitable wattage.. 
The temperature is evenly distributed throughout the chamber through natural water convection mechanism, ensuring very good temperature sensitivity by High technology.

Circulation Pump :
The unit is fitted with circulation pump 15 liters/hr per Discharge Pressure 1.2 Bar, with contact parts of stainless steel brass.


Microprocessor Based digital Temperature Controller.

Temperature range of our standard Glycol Bath circulator models are -40
ºC to 100ºC However we have the capacity to modify the same to suit the individual specialized requirements of our customers.

Temperature sensitivity
Temperature inside our water bath is controlled with a sensitivity of + 0.05°C.

Front panel of our water bath comprises of on/off switches heating and mains indicator lamps and temperature controller.

Model Temp. Range (℃) Temp. Stability (℃) Display Resolution (℃) Volume(mm) Depth(mm) Pump Flow (L/min) Top Opening Dimen(mm) Drain NW (kg) Packing Size(mm)
BTI-0506 -5~100 ±0.005~±0.02 0.01/0.001 250×200×150 140 6 180×140 35 515*450*600
BTI-1006 -10~100 ±0.005~±0.02 0.01/0.001 250×200×150 140 6 180×140 35 515*450*600
BTI-2006 -20~100 ±0.005~±0.02 0.01/0.001 250×200×150 140 6 180×140 33 450*430*810
BTI-3006 -30~100 ±0.005~±0.05 0.01/0.001 250×200×150 140 6 180×140 33 450*430*810
BTI-4006 -40~100 ±0.005~±0.05 0.01/0.001 250×200×150 140 6 180×140 36 505*480*1015
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU