Cell Electroporator

Bio Gene INVIVO Cell Electroporator. Establishes Conclusive insight   in Special Site Cells When Direct Cells DNA delivery is AIMED in Plants and Animal.

Bio Gene Cell Porator can be used in multiple application of INVIVO DNA transfer to the cells Gene Therapy and Correction, Cell fusion, Cell Hybridization  presently the most  sort after know how among the Researches and Scientist community to improve and modify the Gene’s in animals plants living being.

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The Quest to improve the quality of life in the living Organisms. DNA Vaccines, Gene therapy. Tremendous thrust is being given by many countries and the research. Cell membrane permeability becomes the solution to improve the DNA molecules count into the cells. This Bio Gene INVIVO Cell Porator have the easiest solution of Pulsed Electric field based Electroporation system for Micro Organism, Animal Medico Application and Bio Engineering Gene Transformation.

  • 10 kH2- 2mH2 Frequency A.C.
  • Cell fusion at 600r
  • Number of pulse.
  • 0-9 Nos
  • Protoplast and cell fusion of Plants, Animal and Micro Organisms
  • Dipole Cell polarization

Cell Electroporator Features


  • Pulse voltage 0-48 V
  • Pulse frequency 30 KH2-3MH2
  • Field intensity 6000 v/cm

Bio Gene Cell Electroporator has a Specially Designed Fusion chamber which is the basic part of main unit.

Digital controls with HMI interface and Integrated Circuits, with Digital Display. 

The fusion controller is direct current based generator producer square waves.

The Electoporator comes with set of accessories and Electrodes 

AC Electric Field Parameters
Bunchy Pulse voltage Peak-peak value 0-48 V (0-±24V), Adjustable continuously
Bunchy Pulse Frequency 30 KHz-3 MHz adjustable
AC Field Parameters
Square Wave fusion pulse voltage 1-600V adjustable (electrode distance) 10 mm Electric Voltage field reach 6000 V/cm
Square Wave fusion Pulse range 1 us-5 ms selective 10 grades
With fusion flat electrode Polar distance 1 mm, optional electrode in the table below
Net weight 9.22 Kg
Packing size 450*370*290 mm


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU