Bio Gene Electronic pipette controller Pipette Controller is robust, light weight and its simple to use operations makes it ideal for repetitive, Users can use Pipettes ranging from contamination, Precise Pipetting control is possible in Bio Gene Pipette Controller. Dual mode switch powered or gravity dispensing.

When Mass pipetting precise volumes are needed BioGene Pipette Controller is the solution due to is excellent speed controls of samples in research centers Hospital, and universities. 

  • Powerful Lithium battery, no memory effect
  • Continuous speed control wheel
  • Blow-out and gravity dispense selection
  • Dangerous fume or liquid protective hole
  • Single-handed operation
  • Self-inverted on the bench
  • UV-resistant housing
  • Light-weight makes it easy to handle
  • Complies with CE and RoHS

Electronic Pipette Controller

  • Confirms to EN ISO 8655
  • ISO, 9001, CE, DIN Standards
  • 360ºC Manifold Rotation 
  • EJECTOR soft Touch

Bio gene motorized pipette filler features lightweight, ergonomic design, allowing fatigue-free pipetting of 0.1 to 100ml pipettes. easy one-handed operation. pipette filler uses a powerful lithium-ion battery for 8 hours of continuous use per charge, with no battery memory problems. can also be used while charging, with no down-time. the large LCD display provides visual confirmation of remaining battery charge and coarse speed settings. the powerful motor can fill a 25ml pipette in 5 seconds. Bio gene also features comfortable concave aspirate and dispense triggers that are touch sensitive for excellent speed control. fully autoclavable nosecone housing simplifies disinfecting and decontamination. pipette filler is supplied with an integral, replaceable 0.45µL hydrophobic filter (0.2µL filter is also available). 

8 coarse aspirate and dispense settings, as well as gravity dispense. 

Aspirating/Dispensing Speed >6ml/sec
Filter Hydrophobic 25mm diameter, 0.2μm
Operating Temperature +10~35°C
Operating Humidity RH:0~85%
Battery 600 mAh/3.6V
Housing Material ABS
Nose Cone Material Polyproplylene
Pipette Holder Silicon
Nose cone, pipette holder and filter Autoclavable
Weight including battery 167 g
Power adaptor 100/120/220/240V,AC-DC 3.6V with US/EU/UK/Australian plug