Paddle Blenders-L90

Bio Gene Tissue paddle Blenders L 90 is a multi stage programmable machine capable to stores 10 cycles with Automatic adjustable slap speed, actual rattling strokes display with stroke distance programming between 0-5 mm is possible Bio Gene Tissue Paddle Homogenizer also has an auto stop and anti trap function which makes the equipment better utility product fit for tissue application

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This Lab Blender is Paddle blender which used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable bags.

  • Auto stop
  • Anti trap function
  • Soft Start
  • Programmable Adjustable Slap board
  • Stroke Distance adjustment.

Paddle Blenders-L90

  • Microprocessor based 
  • Large LCD Display
  • Rattling speed 3-12/ sec
  • 10 Program storage
  • Time 0.1-99 min
  • Start: Soft, Gentle

Bio Gene Tissue Paddle Blender  L 90 is designed for easy use removable windows and adjustable slap board, toughened glass door are some uniqueness.  Rattling chamber is constructed out of thick stainless steel with adjustable speed and stroke length and time controls. Locking device to clamp the sample holder along with sound a betting chamber makes the machine noise less where tissue from plant animal or microorganism could be homogenized, grinded to the desired results.

Main Technical Parameters:

  • Rattling Time:0.1~99 minutes(to 0.1minutes step)or 6~5940 seconds
  • Rattling speed:3~12 times/sec(to 0.1 times/second step)
  • Display the actual rattling number, the system automatically adjusts the slap speed
  • Multi-stage programming can be designed: parametric groups can be set according to one's wishes.
  • Parameter storage:More than 10 groups of multi-stage programming parameters are stored
  • Effective Volume:3~400ml
  • Slap Box:Stainless steel
  • Supply:220VAC/50HZ
  • Weight:18.5kg
  • Maximum Power:300W
  • Sterile bag:17x30cm
  • Display:LCD
  • Rattling Spacing:0~5mm adjustable
  • Soft-start mode:Gentle start
  • Dimensions:420x245x340mm
  • Pause Function: To ensure sample security with auto-stop anti-trap feature
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU