Thermo Microbial Blender

Germfree Microbiological Blender, also known as flap homogenizer, is widely used in the homogenization treatment for animal tissue and biological samples, also used for the following testing areas in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clinics molecule, toxin and bacteria, particularly suitable for preparation of micro-organism testing samples.

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This lab blender is paddle blender which used for solid and semisolid samples by applying pressure to samples within sterile, disposable bags.

Soft homogenization, pollution free, nil temperature-rise, no sterilizing treatment  is desired.

Fast, accurate and Repeatable.

Thermo Microbial Blender

  • In compliance with : ISO 7218
  • Designed and made to suit International Standards.
  • ISO 9001 V2008, CE, WEEE 2002/96/EC, RoHS
  • 2002/95/EC standards

The device is made stainless steel and can effectively separate the surface of solid samples from a sample with germs inside.

The samples are packed in germfree disposable homogenization bags, and thus is in no contact with any parts of the instrument.

Bio Gene Microbiological Blender is also suitable for homogenizing tumor tissues such as liver, intestines cancer, breast cancer not only can to obtain large numbers of single cells ( 2 x 105 within 2 minutes ) but also crush tissues cells such as liver cells more gently. 

The time for homogenization could be prolonged when necessary, to achieve a soft broken samples.

Compact and ergonomic.

In  compliance with : ISO 7218

Designed and made to suit International Standards.

ISO 9001 V2008, CE, WEEE 2002/96/EC, RoHS

2002/95/EC standards

  • Rattling Time:0.1~99 minutes(to 0.1minutes step)or 6~5940 seconds
  • Rattling speed:3~12 times/sec(to 0.1 times/second step)
  • Display the actual rattling number, the system automatically adjusts the slap speed
  • Multi-stage programming can be designed: parametric groups can be set according to one's wishes.
  • Parameter storage:More than 10 groups of multi-stage programming parameters are stored
  • Effective Volume:3~400ml
  • Slap Box:Stainless steel
  • Supply:220VAC/50HZ
  • Weight:18.5kg
  • Maximum Power:500W
  • Sterile bag:17x30cm
  • Display:LCD
  • Rattling Spacing:0~5mm adjustable
  • Soft-start mode:Gentle start
  • Dimensions:420x245x340mm
  • Pause Function:To ensure sample security
  • With auto-stop anti-trap feature
  • Removable windows and adjustable slap board, toughened glass security door 
  • Sample chamber temperature
  • Temperature:Ambient temperature -50℃
  • Setting Range:0℃~60℃,Display the temperature in the box
  • Disinfection function:Light disinfection in rattling box,The working chamber can be pre-sterilized. Single-disinfection cycle 5min,disinfection wavelength 253.7nm)
An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU