Multi Channel Pipettes

Bio Gene Digital Multi Channel Pipettes are simple accurate and economical solution for multi samples amplification test etc available in four Eight, Twelve position with precise accuracy.

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The Bio Gene Digital Multi Channel Pipettes Manifold Can be freely rotated against the handle to work in a relaxed position,yet always at an optimum angle towards the microliter plate.The special nose cone geometry permits the use of most common pipette tips,and provides a firm, Parallel fit.Good design makes effortless tip ejection even easier.

  • Individual Calibration report.
  • Calibration as per the standard of EN ISO 8655. 
  • Recalibration not required.
  • Click Stop digital system.
  • Volume alterations during pipetting possible.
  • Two Step plunger operations allow reverse pipetting.
  • Beautifully color coded
  • Bio Gene Multi Channel Pipettes are having smart soft finger-grip of Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) ensuring.
  • Minimum fatigue of hands & fingers.
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes automatically return to zero position when plunger is released.
  • Reduced thumb stress.
  • Minimum transfer of body heat to the pipette resulting in high accuracy even on Continuous use.
  • Consistent sample loading.
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes have con be set to desired  volume
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes operate we easy for suction, aspiration homogenization.
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes have provision for removing individual channel to adjust the distance between channels, manually . (tips)
  • Easy removable & fully autoclavable manifold.

Multi Channel Pipette


  • Confirms to EN ISO 8655
  • ISO, 9001, CE, DIN Standards
  • 360ºC Manifold Rotation EJECTOR soft Touch
  • Bio Gene provide thermal, mechanical and chemical stability, the pipette manufactured with the combination of Fortan and PEEK material.
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes spring loaded tip cone that provide maximum tightness with minimal attachment force.
  • Light weight electronic Pipette.
  • Compatible with most types of tips.
  • Soft force tip loading and ejection.
  • One hand tip ejection.
  • Leak free sealing of tip.
  • Manifold can rotate 360°C for easy right or left hand operation.
  • Bio Gene Multichannel Pipettes provision to autoclave the lower parts.

Model No.: BTI-MCP-20
1 μl –20 μl
Channel: 4,8,12

Model No.: BTI-MCP-200
10 μl –200 μl
Channel: 4,8,12


An ISO 9001Certified EC, EU