Bio Gene Gel Rocker is compact sturdy table Top Rocking machine used for cell culture transfer of cell Membranes developing of Silver Stains Immobilization of running Gels & Coomassie Blue Antigen Anti body staining while Rocking and Shaking.

Bio Gene  Gel Rocker are widely used in 

  • Research Centers Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities
  • Pharma, Pathology, Microbiology Laboratories for Gel Staining,  Cellulose membrane transfer etc.
  • Microprocessor controls with PID for process Time RPM 
  • Process value display and time.
  • Heavy duty bearing for smooth & continues operations.
  • Rugged design.

Gel Rocker Features

  • Microprocessor based controller for programmable RPM & Time 
  • EN60601 :02
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • Gel Rocker shaker is built strictly confirming to electromagnetic Directions of CE standards.
  • Bio Gene Gel rocker is fabricated out of Thick steel duly powder coated.
  • The rocking stoke is controller through the eccentric cam and guide roller to get the exact displacement. 
  • Rocker Platform is fabricated out of thick stainless steel 304 Grade and edges on all four sides.
  • Non skid rubber MAT mounted to remove risk of sample slipping.
  • DC motor for smooth operations & long life.
  • Membrane Pad with feather touch key enables easy programming.
  • LCD/LED Display.
MODEL NO. GR-60 GR-80 GR-120 GR-200
Speed Range 10 ~80 RPM
Timing 1.0 min ~99h59min
Rocker Angle 10°
Displacement 25mm (up and down)
Platform Size 280 x 230m
External Dimension 285 x 265 x 100mm
Voltage AC 90-230V